HIIT: Outside the Gym

By: Jen Heath



In one of the last episodes, we talked about performing HIIT outside the gym. It is mostly talked about in reference to alternating periods of sprints (heart rate is elevated) and active recovery (heart rate is coming down) on machines such as the elliptical trainer, treadmill or bike. Though this is the most common form of HIIT, it is certainly not the only one! HIIT can be performed anywhere, anytime. All you need to know are exercises that you can incorporate into that “sprint/recovery” format. Below you will find a list of some of the most popular movements. Simply perform each one for 45 seconds (this is your sprint), then walk around or stretch for 45 seconds (this is your active recovery). As you can see, depending on how many of the movements you complete, this workout can be as short as 5-10 minutes or as long as 30minutes.

Pick a place, any place! Do this right when you hop out of bed, in the park, in your front room, in your hotel room or a number of other places. Chances are if it has a free and clear 5 foot diameter, you can do this workout. It looks simple, but you’ll be thrashed when you are done…guaranteed!


Perform the first exercise for 45 seconds. Active recovery is 45 seconds, Perform the next exercise and so forth.




Jump Squats


High Knees


Front Plank


Jumping Jacks


Prisoner Squats


Jump Rope Hops: Side to Side


Jump Rope Hops: Front and Back


Hindu Pushups


Football Run in place


Hip extension Jumps (www.putfile.com/jenheath )


Calve Jumps


Jump Alternate Split Squats


Stationary Lunges (Alternate Legs half way through interval)


Side Plank




Rear Alternating Lunges, fingers touch your toes, weight in heels


Other Side plank




When you have finished, you’ll know for sure that HIIT outside the gym can be just as challenging and more interesting than in the gym.

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