60-Day Transformation How to Guide (Part 1)




You have seen them before on websites, in supplement ads, and at your local gym. With the use of Supplement A or Service B you can get in the best shape of your life in 60-days.


In this series I am going to show you how to do just that. But before we dive in deep, let’s go over some back-story.


If you have been listening to the FitCast for the last few episodes you know that I have been pretty sedentary to prep for MBSCThrive. Leading up to this time period of about 10 weeks I wanted to test some things out.


1. Set Point Theory


To put it simply, set point theory is the idea that once you reach, and then maintain a certain bodyweight for an extended period of time (6+ months) your body with be, “magnetized”  towards that weight.


2. Can I Recreate a Supplement Ad?


Ever seen a Hydroxycut ad in a magazine or on TV? They always have these crazy 30 day transformations where some really jacked and fat guy becomes very lean after using their product.


Here is an example:

Here is some insider knowledge. The supplement companies literally pay figure competitors/models to fatten themselves up. Then they take a picture of the model all depressed and with poor posture and fattened up as a before picture. And in 60-days of hard cutting they are back to their previous figure competitor physique. Pretty cool huh? Of course you wouldn’t call for that, but fat loss supplements are now a multi hundred million dollar business!

(I know….)

3. What Do My Clients Go Through?


We should all walk a mile in our client’s shoes. This is one of things I will be talking about in this blog series, the addictiveness of poor eating and how to break the poor habits associated with it. One thing I will say in advance, I didn’t realize it was quite so hard to break these.


4. How Would My Mood and Sleep Be Affected


This is a, “no shit Sherlock” thing, but yeah, my sleep was not improved by eating poorly for 10 weeks. Surprisingly with the idea that I was gaining weight on purpose made me feel pretty good about it. So if anything my confidence and mood was improved.


Now For the Real Content…


How to Do Your Own 60-Day Transformation

(Transporter, not a Transformer)


So I basically did the same thing as those supplement ads. Put on some body fat in hopes to test some theories and recreate an ad. I am going to share every step I take from the program, to the nutrition, to dealing with the psychological aspects, and last but not least some bad ass before and after pictures.


Now I want you to join in with me, for 60-days own your body and life and potentially change your life.


Come back tomorrow morning for the first installment.



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