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Anabolic Diet Benefits

By: Jen Heath



In my training of individuals, I advocate many different nutritional schemes. Each person is unique and has a different starting point and destination in mind. I choose what nutrition is best for each person based on many factors.

A lot of people ask me what the fastest way to build muscle while staying as lean as possible is, and my mind always leans toward the Anabolic Diet.

I personally cycle on and off of this diet. Some clients do it and they love it; others do not. Most people do not start out on the anabolic diet, but end up using it down the line for one reason or another. Whether you do it is up to you, but getting educated about things like this is just another stepping stone learning what options are available to you for physique transformation.

Here is what the Anabolic Diet is infamous for doing:

1. Anabolic Muscles: Through increasing the efficiency of testosterone, growth hormone and insulin, muscles live in a MUCH healthier environment for anabolism.

2. Lean Body Composition: The more fat you eat, the more fat you’ll burn and the less fat you will store. You’ll become a fat burning machine.
3. Increased Strength: Your body weight will reflect more lean muscle tissue. The more muscle you are made up of, the stronger you’ll be!
4. Increased Health: Decreased triglyceride and cholesterol levels are common on the AD, thus reducing the risk of disease. Also, controlling insulin reduces the risk of diabetes which is common in higher carbohydrate fares.

5. More Energy: Once past the induction phase, blood sugar swings cease, resulting in higher and steadier energy. It is common for individuals to have more energy than ever before on the anabolic diet.
6. Less Restriction in the foods you eat: Foods that were once “taboo” due to high fat content are now not only allowed but beneficial! High carb food choices have a place and a purpose, and you can enjoy them!
7. Reduced Hunger Levels: Fat keeps you full. You will be able to eat more and still lose fat. Often times your satiety will be so high that you will need to remind yourself to eat! Being hungry all the time is no fun. With AD, the problem is solved.
8. Junk Food Craving Disappear: After staying on the anabolic diet for several weeks, your craving for junk will all but disappear. You will WANT to eat well, Granted you CAN have junk over the weekends, but as you become healthier you will desire less and less of it.

9. Increased ability to socialize: There really are no foods that are not allowed at some point during the week on the anabolic diet. No matter where you go, there should always be something you are allowed to eat. No more needing to worry about whether a steak has too many calories or fat grams in it.

10. Stay in shape year round: You do not have to get FAT in order to put on muscle and maintain a decent body composition. The AD solves this age old problem.

If you want to read more about the anabolic diet, please see my full article here: http://www.musclewithattitude.com/readTopicMwa.do?id=1644317

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  1. Linda says:

    I also submitted this question on your T-nation post, but do you think this would be a good diet to try after my road race season is over (mid-Oct). I would like to drop some body fat and get rid of my carb cravings. I thought I could then plan my refeeds around my long run and race scedule as time went on.