Best Of The FitCast: Fat Loss Episodes

We got an e-mail this past week in the mailbag asking for what my favorite episodes of The FitCast were. Off the top of my head I could think of about a thirty that I would consider to be prerequisites for new listeners. I also needed more blog content…So…Here… We… Go…

The first group of episodes are going to focus on a very popular topic as we head into the new year. Fat Loss. We have had on some of the best and brightest in the field who have a reputation of getting people to drop pounds of body fat. Here is my list of must listen fat loss episodes:

1. Anything with Alwyn Cosgrove: This includes Episode 14, Episode 82, and Episode 151. The author of The New Rules of Lifting has come on consistently to drop knowledge bombs of immense proportions. Alwyn being one of the most entertaining guests is purely a bonus.

2. The Destination Abs Podcasts: You may have heard that Leigh Peele and I have been working on this project titles: Destination Abs. Along with a (mostly) weekly blog update, we have done a few audio podcasts to answer questions from the listeners. Here are the two interviews: Episode 129 and Episode 159.

3. Tom Venuto’s Episodes: Tom is one of the best, if not the best, when it comes to talking fat loss realistically. Tome first came on the show on Episode 100, Episode 116, and Episode 146. We also hit on bodybuilding, fructose, and other topics that surround body composition.

4. John Berardi’s Episodes: John Berardi was one of our first guests on the show back on Episode 5. That was three years ago! On that first episode JB talked to John Williams and I for 90 minutes about nutrition, super shakes, green tea, greens plus and more. He returned four more times on Episode 25, Episode 46 (With Dave Tate), Episode 100 (with Tom Venuto), and Episode 134.

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