Bigger Stronger Faster, More Fass, and a New PWO Shake

By: Kevin Larrabee

Sorry for not posting much new content lately. I have been very busy between the time I spend at Cressey Performance, studying for my CSCS exam, training, and sleeping. I won’t continue to post my training log as much unless I do something worth noting. For info on our workouts check out Tony’s T-Nation Log.

For those that liked what Jonathan Fass had to say on this week’s show, you will be glad that he is now a member of The FitCast team as well as Leigh Peele.

I have been learning so much from Brian, Eric, and Tony at CP these last two weeks. New exercises, form ques, the best technique for vacuming, and how to better my bench and deadlift. I will start filming some more stuff so you guys can see what I am talking about in the coming weeks.

Last night I watched Bigger Stronger Faster, a documentary on steroids in America. It was pretty eye opening and very enjoyable to watch. It looks like we will be having the writer, director, and narrator, Chris Bell on the show in the next few weeks to talk about the documentary and promote the DVD release. For those who listened to episode 102, you can inform Jim that this DVD is only $16.99 on Amazon.

One last note. I have found my favorite new post-workout shake.

The use of multiple protein blends has been shown to be more effective for one’s recovery.

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