CSCS Exam Prep (Part I)

By: Kevin Larrabee

In less than a week I will be taking the exam to be a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. The National Strength and Conditioning Association provides the certification which is the gold standard in the fitness industry. I have planned out three days to study, yesterday was day 1.

I first signed up to be a member of the NSCA ($120) and purchased an online practice test ($35). I proceeded to take the test without studying much to get a feel for what I have to study. The 64 question exam took me about 30 minutes and I ended up with a 75%. Not bad for a first try.

I learned three things from this practice exam:

  1. The questions are worded horribly.
  2. I need to know the nutrition specs for athletes from the NSCA
  3. Common sense tends to be the right answer

I will be spending some of tomorrow night and Sunday studying with Tuesday being the big cram day. I am not worried, I just need to outline what I need to know and review it.

On a side note, to the surprise of Brian and Pete I 3-Board Benched 300lbs for a quick single (I am confident I could have gotten 2 reps). Video is incoming after Brian uploads the video. Now to a 300 pound bench!

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