Having a Lifting Crew is the Best Supplement out There

By: Kevin Larrabee

First to explain the picture. I love Jessica Beil. I watched “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” (in HD no less) last night and was ashamed that I had not watched it sooner. Beil physique is what women should strive for, not that chick the bad ass Harrison Ford is married to. So Jessica, if you are looking for a 22-year-old everyman who will soon be a strength coach, shoot me an e-mail when you are in the Boston area.

There was no show this week due to the holiday in the states. We will have a big show lined up next week.

Now to the point of today’s blog. I three-board-benched 300lbs twice today like it was nothing (on a deload day) because of what happened last week. The goal now it to bench 300lbs once on Saturday.

OK, seriously, my point is that having a lifting crew has always pushed me and made sure I had proper form. Lifting with Tony Gentilcore, Eric Cressey, and Brian St. Pierre makes me feel like I am stealing from these guys. It would cost me hundreds of dollars per session for such a team. Pete and the two Dannys have also been influential and inspirational.

Take home points:

  • Get a crew together, or at least a partner who is doing the same program as you so you have a spotter and someone to give you form ques.
  • Strive for a goal every training cycle (per 4-6 weeks) and have your crew hold you too it.

I can’t wait to lift with these guys four days a week. It makes the $60/week for gas seem so insignificant.

Lastly, Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey are offering 20% off Building the Efficient Athlete DVD set this week only. Check out this week’s newsletter from MR for the details!!!

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