Training Log (8/12/08)

By: Kevin Larrabee

Today was day one at Cressey Performance. It was good to see the guys again and to get back into a gym that

  • Wasn’t over crowded
  • Didn’t have roided up freaks doing BB curls in the squat rack
  • Had sleds and medicine balls

I trained at the end of the day with Tony Gentilcore and Brian St Pierre. It was one of the most intense workouts that I have had in a while:

  • A1) Safety Bar Squats (4×3) 205
  • A2) Single arm cable row with rotation (3×10)
  • B1) Speed Deadlift (4×2) 225
  • B2) Hip Mobility
  • C1) Walking DB Lunges (3×10/side) 40×2
  • C2) Palloff Press Variation (3×20 seconds)
  • D1) Tony’s Circuit (Rope Sled Pulls, farmers walk, Side and DL Med ball throws)

We were pretty beat at the end. Thank God for Spike Shooters. Check out Tony’s T-nation log for more details.

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