Training Log (8/14/08)

By: Kevin Larrabee

Here was last nights workout, sorry for being a day late. Again check out Tony’s T-Nation Locker for some more info and discussion.

A) Speed Bench 8×3 (185)

B1) 3-Board Press 4 x [3, 3, 8, 8,] (285, 255)

B2) Blast Strap Inverted Row 3×10 (15lb vest)

C1) BB Row Supinated 3×6 (145)

C2) NG Standing DB Shoulder Press 3×8 (45)

D1) Hammer Curls 3×8 (35)

Also, Jeff Dimeo sent me an e-mail today with a link to a store that sells a variety of Greens Plus flavored powders. Here is the link.

Tomorrow will begin with hack squats, and end with a trip to Trader Joes for some 94% lean burgers!

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