Interview: Brad Pilon

Brad Pilon is the author of Eat Stop Eat, an in depth ebook on intermittent fasting. Eat Stop Eat is easily the most complete and researched back resource on IF. In the last few years Brad has made drastic improvements to the book adding over 60 pages of new content since the first time I read it back in 2008. And I will be honest, back then I was still in college and everyone was preaching, “6 meals a day to keep your metabolism stoked.” Otherwise your metabolism will turn into that of a 150 year old sedentary person.

In the interview Brad and I discussed a wide range of topics, including intermittent fasting of course. What kind of training makes the most since while you are doing IF? What about how should you set it up? What 24 hours twice a week and not 16 hours every day of the week?

Again, as we mention in the interview, to get the full picture you really owe it to yourself to check out Brad’s book Eat Stop Eat. It is worth every penny and in my mind it is the optimal (and most reasonable way to incorporate IF into your lifestyle.

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Check Out Brad’s eBook “Eat Stop Eat” (It is the ultimate IF Resource)

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