Client Spotlight: Kim (Kim vs. The Easter Bunny)

[editor’s note: What can I say? Kim is getting some amazing results thanks to her hard work and some good programming and nutrition from her trainer (not to blow smoke up my butt). I am so proud of Kim’s dedication. It really does show what one can accomplish with a great plan followed by pitch perfect execution. For those that asked, much fo the nutrition principles come from Leigh Peele’s Body by Eats.]

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I missed a week there.  It’s been getting busy here with the coming of spring.  But I’ve been loving getting outside to walk the dog.  She actually got invited into the gym while I lifted earlier this week, and became somewhat of a mascot J She’s a great excuse/motivation to get out and walk and jog.

So my weight loss has slowed some.  From here on it will take some more patience, time and hard work.  Kevin put together a new routine for me, which we started this week.  I thought that I was in good enough shape to not get hit hard with soreness anymore.  But I think that I was thinking too much of myself because I can still feel the back of my legs when I move certain ways and it’s been a few days.  He is pushing me up to the next level again, and some of the swats were really getting me.  It’s hard work, but I really enjoy our workouts.  I leave feeling like I’ve really done something good for the day.  And I feel great knowing that maybe in a week or two this-or-that might be fitting again.

This past weekend for Easter I wore a dress that I haven’t worn in years.  I got many, many compliments from friends and family members who haven’t seen me since the beginning of my program with Kevin.  They kept saying how good I looked.  It feels great to accept those compliments.

Well, till next week, lift some heavy stuff and stay away from the left over chocolate bunnies.

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  1. Ken says:

    awesome job Kim. Looking great