Crossroads: Your Support and the Future of The FitCast

(I know this is a wall of text, but if you are invested in the future of the podcast, please take the time to read it all)

Here is the audio so you can hear my thoughts.

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7 Years…

Here we are, 7-years since I was sitting in my dorm room in college and got the idea to start a fitness and nutrition podcast since everything I saw on iTunes was junk. So I did what any college student with a little ambition would do. I went to google and started to research how to go about setting everything up. In college I was an RA to help pay for my education, so I reached out to my parents for a loan to purchase equipment. My brother loaned me a Mac Mini. After some investment, I was ready to go.

I then e-mailed people I wanted to interview, people who had never heard of me and had nothing to gain by talking to me. People like Craig Ballantyne, Dr. John Berardi, Eric Cressey, Mike Boyle, Bill Hartman, Mike Robertson, Alwyn Cosgrove, Cassandra Forsythe, and on, and on. Over 270 Episodes in. Almost 500 hours of podcasting.

Then it was website design, learning to do some coding with wordpress. Figuring out how to edit video from time to time and mess with some live show options.

Some great events spread throughout those episodes like the, “Dan John Squat Video,” getting John Berardi and Dave Tate together on one show, and all the other great guests we have had in the last 7 years.


Today I am all over the place coaching athletes, training clients, running BodyByBoyle Online, partner in our gym license we offer at MBSC (MBSCThrive), and some other cool stuff behind the scenes you should hear about close to 2014. When all of this is done I try to take some time with friends and walk my dog. It doesn’t leave a ton of free time. That leads to a decision of how to spend that remaining time and how much I consider my free time at the end of working all week to be worth. That is on top of web hosting, logo design, equipment, and time are the costs of producing the show.

Right now we are at a Crossroads. 

To be blunt, I need the support of the 15,000-20,000 listeners we have downloading each episode to expand the content provided with The FitCast and it’s website.


As you may have heard before I am very selective with who I have do advertising on the show. And I don’t charge much so I can keep the intrusion of the ads as brief as possible. It really turns me off when I hear podcasts with ads every segment or even ads that take up a whole segment themselves. I didn’t start this to be in the business of making money. It was all about learning and spreading the information with as many other people that wanted to listen.

Pay Wall

Another option people have suggested was putting all the episodes except the last 20-50 behind a pay wall. Pay $100 to get access to all back episodes. Something like that. Again, another option that goes against wanting to share all of this information with everyone.

The Future of the FitCast

When I think about what I want to do with the future of The FitCast I see:

  • Return to weekly episodes. No matter how it sounds, I will look at the episodes as more of a commitment as they are being paid for
  • Live Shows with listener interaction with guests
  • More Video content with guests even if it is just via webcam
  • More video content/on site visits with fitness professionals for demonstration and a more seminar like feel
    • Think about me brining a camera to Dan John’s house and film the training with his group, or seeing how someone coaches, or how someone approaches working with new clients and athletes, or discussions on programing with specific examples.

Those are just the few ideas I would like to get off the ground and breath new life into the show.


These last few months I have asked for donations from listeners who enjoyed the show to make the podcast powered by the listeners instead of filled with ads. The first two days just about $400 was donated, from less than 10 people, then they dried up. That is why when thePTAdvantage wanted to do another run, I said yes. Clearly the donations were not sustainable.

Last week I did the same, even mentioning it on the show and three donations came in. That was after the episode, which was only a few days old, was downloaded over 7,000 times.

Vote of Confidence 

Yes, I am asking for your monetary support to continue to grow The FitCast through donations. $1, $5, $10, $50, $100, whatever makes financial sense. If you are not in a position to make a donation I completely understand. Please, if you have been a listener these last 7 years and have enjoyed the show, help support the growth and donate. You can do so with the link below or the Paypal link on the top right of the website.


Please give me your feedback. Post in the comments, hit me up on Facebook and Twitter, or email me. I want to hear all feedback from you guys. You are my podcast family and your opinions matter a great deal to me.

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