Destination Abs: Day 129 (Goals, Plans, and Lessons Learned)

the-fat-loss-troubleshootBy: Kevin Larrabee, CSCS

It has been 129 days since I started this with Leigh Peele. That is over 4 months! In that time I have made some major body composition changes but the best part of the experience came from what I learned. I learned that you can get incredibly fast results (I mean 3+ lbs a week) when your program nutrition and training correctly and see a drastic change in the mirror. That really is important, seeing the fat-loss reflecting back at you in the mirror, that alone will keep you motivated to see how much farther you can push yourself.

Another lesson was that you must have strict, well defined goals, and you need to stick with them, even if you want to go off course to “lift with the guys” or do sled pushes when you are at a 1500 calorie deficit. Stick to the plan, you will be able to do that again when your goals are reached.

If you want to get stronger, program for it for the next three months at least.

If you want to get bigger, guess what? Same thing, you may be doing bodypart splits or full body workouts.

If you want to lose fat, again, same thing. Hit at least a 500 calorie deficit and do three full body workouts a week and program cardio to correlate with your deficit (i.e. you can’t do 20 minutes of intervals on 1500 calories a day when you are 190 pounds).

Leigh Peele has put together the nutrition portion of this program and I have constructed the training program. If you haven’t read her book The Fat Loss Troubleshoot, you have no idea what you are missing. Leigh has a no bull shit approach when it comes to this stuff. If you are one of those dieters who has smothered the furnace that is your metabolism, Leigh’s book will do the trick to get that fire stoked.

I will be posting pictures this Monday or Tuesday, I am deloading this week and hitting it hard this Friday/Saturday/Sunday so they should look good.

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  1. Nia Shanks says:

    Keep up the good work! You and Leigh are killing it!

  2. shari3boys says: