Destination Abs Redux: Day 32


Are we back? Yes, we’re back.

It has been a long time since I have done a Destination Abs update. Too long. Some have even e-mailed me to ask me what the hell was going on with this project Leigh and I set out on 9 or so months ago. Well, I took some time off from counting calories and worrying about every single calorie I consumed. It seemed like it was much needed, but after regressing a bit, and putting on some more muscle, Leigh and I think it is time to rev up the engines again for one more 16-20 week journey to reach our Destination.

December 16, 2009

7 Days. 7 more days until I get to EAT. And I mean EAT. Of course I am eating now, but I want to feel full! You know, that satisfying feeling. Just got to hold on strong for one more week…

Things have been going well. Diet is still locked in and I am really seeing some progress (see the pictures). Seeing how far I have come since I took those first pictures February 21st, it is really amazing.

Again here is the recipe for the frozen vanilla greek yogurt that has kept me going:

  • 1 Plain Chobani Greek Yogurt cup (see picture)
  • 14g of 50% less salted almonds
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein (metabolic Drive)
  • Cinnamon to taste

245 kcals, 31.5g Protein, 12g Carbs, 8g fat, 3g fiberI am not going to go too in depth with things this week, just a picture update. And here we go:


(From Day 1 back in February to Today)


(From Redux Day 1 to Day 32 with a massive three day refeed for Thanksgiving)

beginning flex

(Day 1 to Today. Wow. Now I have lats!)

Christmas Gift from Leigh!!


Questions Anyone?

That wraps it up for this week’s blog, let me know if you guys have any questions in the comments section and I will do my best to answer them.

If you are liking what you see here and want to jump in as well check out Leigh’s book The Fat Loss Troubleshoot and her new book Body By Eats.



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14 Responses

  1. Elie says:

    Good job Kevin and Leigh.

    Lats – upper abdominals – biceps – deltoids. Nice!

    Some photo advice:

    Try to use manual white balance if you have that option and keep the same settings on your camera (ie: flash/ no flash).

    Take the photos under same lighting conditions (time of day, etc..)

    Use the self timer and place the camera on the same surface.

  2. Elie-

    The first pictures were taken on an old crappy camera. That is why the lighting it different.

  3. cmoney says:

    What are you weighing in at? No offense, but you look tiny. I’m guessing ~5’10” 170, if that. I probably would have stuffed my face while lifting heavy for a solid 3-4 months before starting this project.

    Nice results nonetheless.

  4. Dave says:

    Excellent work. Starting to see changes towards the pic leigh photoshoped of you. Keep up the great work dude. Those 1400kc days must be harsh!!! Go Man U.

  5. Lynda says:

    Awesome work, if anything, these pics not only give off the wow factor, but demonstrate visually what Leigh means by being consistent and how these results require patience in addition to the hard work of staying in a deficit. I think I posted something similar elsewhere, but it deserves to be said again, “Well Done Kevin!!” You inspire me, keep it up! 🙂

  6. Cmoney-

    First off, post under your real name.

    I am about 5’11” and 185ish right now.

    Stuff my face while lifting? What a novel program? Do you have a book I can buy so I can get on that?

  7. Bill says:

    Kevin don’t worry you have plenty of time to bulk up and add more mass if you want to. I was right where you were 10 years ago or even smaller. I did it the wrong way though and it took me twice and long to achieve things had I realized. Stick with the program and Leigh, what you are doing is great.

    Also that present fucking rocks mate!

  8. Perry says:

    Cmoney wtf are you talking about? He is losing fat right now, then going into a bulk. He has obviously put on some muscle too.

    Regardless, you are looking good Kevin. I look forward to watching your progress.

  9. kristin says:

    what’s the Xmas present? I can’t really make it out

    also, you look great!!

  10. Chris says:

    Great work Kevin. Lats are awesome! (I’d like to have a bicep for Christmas. I’m not greedy, just one would be nice. Although my current, vastly improved posture should be gift enough, right?)

    And the DeLorean is effin sweet.

  11. Jonny says:

    Yo Kevin!! looking good man. Nice peck definition all square and everything. must be nice!! what kind of core work are you doing? I like how you stomach looks apart from your obliques. Keep up the good work man…

  12. Oliver says:

    Kevin u look great man I was 250 when I was 14or15 and now am 16 and 180 but I stopped eating for a long time oh and 5:8
    so now I see a four pack coming in but I couldn’t resist and I started taking steroids 2 weeks ago.. ppl lik u mak me realize that if I quit I would be a fatty that doesn’t get hot chicks and respect.. I always look up to ppl lik u man.. Keep it up!!!

  13. @Oliver

    16 and taking steroids? Taking steroids is any case a bad idea, but at 16 and to get “hot chicks” even more so.

    Speaking of “hot chicks”: if you want to get girls, then stop the “ppl lik u mak me” and rather hit the books. Honestly, nothing alienates girls more than 16 year olds on steroids who “writs lik u”.

  14. Fred says:

    I’m going to maliciously bump my post

    “I would like to enquire as to whether you considered running a for want of better terminology a “lean bulking diet” where you only have carbs around your workout following a ME/RE westsid-ish spilt.

    Secondly, in sport there is periodisation, applying the notion that body building is a sport what is your motivation for cutting now in the Winter, where ripping out of the abs is cold, rather than in the Summer and go “balls to the wall”.

    Lastly, I can empathise with the position that sal takes. Why not train for a fundraising event, a triathlon (less running than a half marathon) or a swimming event could really get you motivated. The event does not have to be that long getting sponsored per metre/foot completed in 60-90 minutes is a possibility”

    Coupled with another question

    Leigh mentioned she prefers 4-days split upper/lower thing. Is this what you are following at the moment?