Destination Abs: Week 11+12

the-fat-loss-troubleshootBy: Kevin Larrabee, CSCS

I guess we can officially say Phase 3 is over. We shot the calories back down for 2 or 3 more weeks after the “bulking” phase and my body has just had enough. Also I have been itching (and bitching to Leigh) about wanting to go back to the upper/lower splits and energy systems training I used to do at Cressey Performance (Where I have been driving 2 hours roundtrip to train there 4 days a week, making sure that my free time suffers. But when you find a crew that will push you and drive you to perform better, that time spent in the car is well worth it.).

Leigh Peele has put together the nutrition portion of this program and I have constructed the training program. If you haven’t read her book The Fat Loss Troubleshoot, you have no idea what you are missing. Leigh has a no bull shit approach when it comes to this stuff. If you are one of those dieters who has smothered the furnace that is your metabolism, Leigh’s book will do the trick to get that fire stoked.

Leigh put together a statement about the transition and where we are going from here:

The Abs are about two things.

1-Being lean enough to see them

2-Having enough of them to see.

My goal for you is to not have to get to a Christian Bale Machinist state for you to see that. In my opinion there still needs to be a little more mass put on and we have to be extra careful of the pace of the fat we lose.

Not everyone just loses fat into an amazing six pack. That is another common myth. Some people lose fat into just more flatness. While you do have a good ab base, I feel personally that pushing it on a more extreme plan at this point would lead to your starting to push it with mass loss and I would rather you have more abs at a higher body fat percentage.

Because of this I think it would be best to move you to more of a cyclic program for the short term, and visit more extreme bouts as needed when you feel recoup rated.

Your progress has been fantastic. The difference in your flex pictures alone should speak for the programing. You have managed to clearly put on mass and improve strength and mobility during a pretty intense nutrition program.

If anyone following thinks this progress is anything short of brilliant, they are watching to many steroid manipulations or people who have years of bulks before that cut. You never took that route. The majority of your training has been in a deficit or maintenance. You never had the virtue of what a lot of those types gain. This makes this journey ten times harder for you and is what is labeled as “hardgainer.” Harder maybe, impossible no and with  smart planning it will have ten times faster than the other claim.

So be proud, and get ready to move to the next phase. I couldn’t be happier with the progress thus far and your dedication.

Check out the pictures below, and I will be updating again next Tuesday or Wednesday.

The following pictures are from Day 1, Day 28 (Last day before the 4 week “bulk”), and Day 79


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5 Responses

  1. Tyler says:

    Wow bro your shoulders and arms got huge (not your main goal, but most visible from this pose). Your upper arm looks double the size from picture 2 to 3. And your briachialis (not a glamorous muscle but impressive). Can tell your pecs are larger too. Enough body building praise, This is truley fantastic, great work Kev and great guidance Leigh.

  2. LM says:

    Agree with Tyler. You can really see the difference with the arm, shoulders and I’d also say, your lats. Abs are starting to peak out as well. Your dedication and progress are inspiring me to evaluate my health commitment and my need for program that will show benefits. Great job, Kevin, and kudos to Leigh for being your mentor.

  3. Rick says:

    Hey Kevin (and Leigh too)

    I have been following this for a while and I have a few comments.

    First off, I think what you are doing is really cool. This is the first time I have seen a transformation that wasn’t the luck of the draw bullshit. I see these gurus and tnation (and I read it) chump up these dudes after a cut and I think “Yeah, really hard to look ripped when you are loaded with muscle already bro.” This is a sign of someone really knowing how to tailor a program and make smart changes to increase size and lose fat.

    Not all of us are blessed with that muscle to melt the fat off onto. Leigh great job explaining that.

    I don’t know if it was just Leigh or the both that did this but thank you. It has given me the right idea now of where to go becuase I was banging my head in the wall trying to figure it out.

    Lastly, your progress is insane. For that not being a most muscular pose (I would like to see that) you have great definition from where you started.

  4. Paul says:

    Looking good, Kev. The thing I really like about this is that you are leading by example. Hope your clients appreciate it. Cheers, Paul.

  5. Alison says:

    The program may be called “Destination Abs”, but I have to say that I’m particularly impressed by how your pecs, delts, and bis have popped out. Nice work!

    Does this mean we are going to be hearing less about PB2 and more about actual PB??