Destination Abs: Week 6

the-fat-loss-troubleshootBy: Kevin Larrabee, CSCS

Sorry for the late update again folks. I forgot to take pictures on Monday and I needed Leigh to work her photo shop magic to put those pictures side by side and the same size. This past week went smoothly. I actually have mixed emotions about the body builder style workouts. On one had I like being able to do upper body work 3 out of my 4 workouts (what guy wouldn’t?) and on the other, I don’t get to do my low rep strength inducing movements (deadlifts, front squats).

Everything is going well, pictures look good, arms are noticeably bigger. Putting some mass on my abs.

Last Saturday’s refeed also rocked. Got in some pizza, cupcakes, waffles with this on it, and some E.L.Fudge cookies.

Leigh Peele has put together the nutrition portion of this program and I have constructed the training program. If you haven’t read her book The Fat Loss Troubleshoot, you have no idea what you are missing. Leigh has a no bull shit approach when it comes to this stuff. If you are one of those dieters who has smothered the furnace that is your metabolism, Leigh’s book will do the trick to get that fire stoked.

Here are the pictures setup in this order: Day 1, Day 28, Day 42 (this week’s pics were taken with a different camera, thanks Mom):




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13 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Lookin good! Keep it up Kev!

  2. erin says:

    lookin gooooood!

  3. Matt says:

    “I needed Leigh to work her photo shop magic”.

    Leigh’s photo shop skills suck. Otherwise the pictures would have looked more like this:

  4. Matt-

    That is F**ked up and scary. But seriously, I just can resize the images like Leigh can. She has the skillz for that.

  5. Kimberley says:

    Lookin’ buff Kevin!

  6. Chip says:

    Kevin – You can do the side-by-side thing yourself if you have just a little computer skill. Try using PhotoScape (go to to get it), and it has a feature that allows you to do the side-by-side thing yourself. Pretty easy to use. And it’s freeware. I use it for most of my simple image manipulation.

    BTW, good job.

  7. Steph says:

    Awesome! And you look a lot less corpselike with the new camera. Thanks Kev’s mom!

  8. Steph-

    I know. Winter is almost over and my white ass will finally get back in the sun.

  9. Leigh Peele says:

    Matt that photoshop was awesome.

  10. Amy says:

    A lot more change in the side pic this week than the front. Arms look more solid and I see a bit of improvement in the traps/delts as well!

  11. Mark says:

    Bodybuilder training….bleh.

    I don’t understand why you couldn’t hit a heavy lift on each training day, though. Like one main core lift heavy, then do all the pump and fluff bodybuilder stuff.

  12. ryan says:

    is there a reason why u didn’t lift heavy? low energy levels?

  13. Tee says:

    Looking good, Kevin, but what’s with the XXL shorts. They ride sort of weird and cover up all the good results you’re getting. I’m not saying wear a speedo, but show us the comprehensive set of results as you’re leaning up for project abs. Also, why are they riding so low on your hips? Looks kinda weird. And this goes for every guy out there — there’s nothing wrong with wearing shorts that fit!

    But great work Kevin.