Epiosde 84: A Quick One

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Kevin Larrabee and Jimmy Smith (Blog)

Note: The Ultimate Answer was not long enough to put into the show this week, I am going to give the fitness professionals another week to get their answers in.

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  • I have a question for you, I heard on a recent Fitcast episode say that you played Division 3 basketball. My brother does too. I really want him to do well his senior season. Is there any training program that you would suggest. His minutes have decreased this season, I feel that strenght and making his first step quicker will really help his game.



    Chris Barrett

  • Hello Kevin and Jimmy!My name is Marcus and i’m a personal trainer from Sweden.

    I love the show and listen to it all the time when i walk my dog, it´s great. I really like the new music and the new logo.
    Everytime you plug a new product or book I must have it. Haha so my bookcase is quite full now and my wallet emty, but´s its great anyway.

    So I have a couple of questions for the mailbag.

    1. Chad Waterbury have this set rep volume for strenght, hypertrophy and fatloss and I just wondering if that´s something Jimmy or you Kevin use when you design trainingprograms?

    2. Speaking of program design, do you follow a certain persons program design like, Alwyn, Mike Boyl, Chad, Coach Dos or someone else?

  • Hi Kevin,Just writing to let you know the new editing is really adding to the show, keep up the great work.

    I was wondering if you could clarify a point in the discussion with Alwyn Cosgrove regarding HIIT intervals using a heart rate monitor.
    Alwyn mentioned the easy heart rate of 138 for fat loss, and 120 for athletes in training.
    I’m wondering what the upper heart rate should be if your goal is fat loss, e.g. 80% of Max Heart Rate or 90%? Also could you explain Mike Boyle’s 30sec – 1min example in more detail as well.
    How many times per week would you recommend doing this.

    Frances from sunny Australia.

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  • Super Bowl
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    • Writers Strike is Done
    • What does Jimmy watch besides reality tv?
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