Episode 1 is Done!!!

Episode 1 of the FitCast is complete and ready for download. For a first episode the show went pretty smoothly. There are some audio problems, like when I say a word with an “S”. So I appologise for that and I will have discovered what I did wrong and starting next week that will be gone. Also I forgot to mention Eric’s announcement. Sorry Eric, it was 2:30 when I finnished editing and I forgot to paste it in. When I get the final site up I will put the complete version on the website.

Download Episode 1 Here: TheFitCast001.mp3 (right click and save-as)

In the meantime here are the shownotes:

Motion DNA ( For people who were there.

o Brief explanation of what Motion DNA is. Take a look at this http://www.motiondnacorp.com/about.asp

§ Based out of Arizona

§ Zig’s worked with Tiger Woods, other elite athletes

§ Zig’s Program that can calculate where the problem may be from tests.

§ After the test a write up is automatically made with the results that can be printed out for the client.

§ Zig said experts will be able to see a lot more detail, even in areas that are not his specialty. You do not have to be a “specialist to be able to use motion DNA.

§ 4 and 8 sensor models.

§ Bill seemed impressed.

Impressions of Bill Hartman working on your body

-The final donation was $823

Make Checks out to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

PR Performance

P. O. Box 428

Westfield, IN 46074

Bill Hartman on Saturday Morning

o Does Bill look like Arnold?

o Muscle Imbalance Principals

§ Short, tight muscles, compensation is needed.

§ How’s your S&M

· Tests we did, list the 12 tests.

o What were the hardest ones?

§ Core Training Essentionals

· Side Bridge

· Plank

· Trunk Flexion

Things to Point Out From The Training Presentation

o For Hypertophy, failure is NOT necessary

o For Strength failure IS necessary

Important Restoration

o Sleep 7-9 hours

o Limit Carbs before bed

o Foam Roller

Overall Thoughts on the week.


– Craig Ballantyne, www.turbulencetraining.com
– JP Fitness Forums, http://forums.jpfitness.com/
– John Berardi, www.johnberardi.com
– Alwyn Cosgrove, http://www.alwyncosgrove.com/

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  1. simon says:

    I love your show! Just found it and I’m listening through all the episodes. In the first episode you discussed Bill Hartmans 12 exercises to test strength and flexibility. WHere can I find this test?? Would love to check it out. Thanks for a great show!!!