Episode 102: Big Rocks (with Jonathan Fass)

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Kevin Larrabee and Jonathan Fass (Blog)

Jonathan Fass comes on to discuss new fat-loss research, supplements, physical therapy and more!


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  • Whats the big deal about BCAA’s and Beta Alanine and why should I be taking them. -Brandon
  • Hi, I’ve been getting your newsletters for a while now and was wondering what your take on a certain workout program is. Have you ever heard of P90X?  I’ve seen videos on youtube and T.V. shows about how well it works, I was just wondering if you thought this could be a could program? -Aarron
  • 1.)  Is it okay to use out-dated protein powder?  I have some that expired in January of this year, but is it safe to use?
    2.)  I recently got a sample of Noxavol, but I’ve never heard of it.  Any thoughts?
    3.)  What are your thoughts on creatine usage?  I haven’t used it for a few years now, but I wanted to give it a try again.  I last used it in high school and I ballooned up to 315 lbs (a lot of which was pure fat).  Is there a chance I’ll gain excess bodyfat because of the creatine?
    4.)  Any opinion on supplements that “boost your thermogenic pump”?  The supplement in question is GNC’s Ultimate Thermo Pump.
    Thanks for any and all help on these questions.  Love the show, by the way, keep it up!
    Manhattan, Kansas
  • Kevin,
    Really enjoy your show.Have listened to almost each one,you’ve come a long way.
    Hi points- Dos Remedios,Scott Abel & Dan John.
    Low points-salesman hard selling their 99$ DVDs(you know who they are).And the time you scolded Jimmy for mentioning that one can check a lot of stuff on T Nation archives and not buy the DVDs,saw your agenda all too clearly then.But I hung in there,just a lot more selective fast forwarding now to the gold nuggets.
    However only one real question?I have been waiting so long for you to do an in depth show on Crossfit.You brought it up briefly in one of the early shows and whats his name dismissed it so quick and sounded so hurt you brought it up.I just don’t see how you can ignore it any longer.Guessing some guys are afraid it threatens their business model and have warned you off.Forget them they’re lame ans so are they’re $99 dvd’s and members only sites.Step up,I’m sure you have a lot to say about it.Myself I love it.I’ve spent $$ on gear and special coaching(oly lifts) for the first time in my life.So you see their is money involved for the right people are open minded,but not for others who are trying to protect some imagined piece of outdated turf.
    I’d propose you get a roundtable and each do one of the Crossfit benchmark workouts,discuss it and compare times and look at comments on Crossfit site.Also check Crossfit Navy seals site,you’ll have to register but they have a big ol archive of WOD’s which have more cardio in them.Persoanlly your show seems tilt more torwards hypertrohy than all round fitness(especially Jimmy) I see a more balanced and rounded model for being fit.Crossfit has been adopted by the elite military and so many police and fire units across the US,I think that it is worhty topic.-Jim
  • 1) What the hell happened to episode 89? just curious why is it missing…
    2) did you ever get to talk about nice and healthy places to eat outside ? like food chains or restaurants that offer fitness friendly menus? I’m coming for 2 month vacation in the US and I would love to hear some recommendations since I don’t want to totally ruin my diet :)-Hila
  • want to yalls thoughts on anabolic pump for women? ALot of discussion on this over at the oxygenfitness forums. Would like to know the thoughts -Shari

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