Episode 104: Kevin’s Lost It

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass,

Tony Gentilcore, and Leigh Peele (Twitter)

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  • Hey I am trying to reach a fat loss deficit, I calculated a caloric need of 1115, to achieve optimal deficit,. i am female, moderately to very active, bike, run, lift etc. mother of 3,..hair stylist, 26,.. 154 LBS and 24.5% body fat is this too low or about right, can you address creating a coloric deficit with Leigh Peele possibley? on your podcast,. I LOVE YOUR SHOW, THANKS -Anne
  • I am a 30 year old female and have been weight training for 6 years. Last year I was able to finally do 1 unassisted chin-up but since then the most I have been able to get is 2. I do band assisted reps for 3×8 or 4×6, two to three times a week as well as unassisted negatives trying to get to 30 seconds. Any ideas to increase my number of unassisted reps? I am 5 foot 2, 120 pounds. Thanks very much! -Anna
  • Kevin – I really enjoy the podcast.  Hope I am sending this thru the correct path.
    I have a good friend, female approx 46 who is overweight approx 250 lbs. She also has many joint / arthritis issues.  She recently read a book on a PH diet supposed to help with managing acid, alkaline and PH levels. The result is supposed to be weight loss and help with arthritis. I read some about it – but what is your take (or the team) on this type of diet.  She is struggling thru it so far – but from what I see I am worried about her getting protein and balanced diet so she loses the weight in a healthy manner.  Is this type of diet really healthy? –shinzmann@aol.com
  • Hey, yo from Australia!I was listening to one of your shows just now and I think Jen was talking about her article on The Basics. In there she said that if you aren’t sleeping 7-9 hours a night that essentially you’re doing yourself and injustice as far as trying to maintain a healthy, lean body.
    I used to be over 190kg three years ago but am now about 95kg. I used to sleep a lot but when I am at my fittest (5d/wk weights, 4x 10k run, 2x jiu jitsu + riding to and from work) I sleep about 5 hours a night. I heard that you should sleep about 8 hours and so I tried this for two weeks by going to bed early, having chamomile tea and other sleep enhancers but I regularly would just be wasting time in bed after 5-6 hours sleep. I couldn’t actually *sleep* 8 hours.
    So i was wondering if the 7-9 hours was a universal truth or like everything it varies between people? Also I was wondering if there were any ways to get an idea on whether you should be sleeping more if you are otherwise not tired, training well and so on ? Ie could you be better 🙂
    Thanks guys, your show is awesome and I’ve learned a lot! -Aaron
  • What kind of gear are you using on the technical side? i.e. microphones, mixers, software? I am interested in maybe starting podcasting, but don’t want to blow a lot of money. For an episode, how much time does it take to record and edit and post the episode?
    Love the show. I am several podcasts behind, unfortunately.
    Someday I hope to make a pilgrimage to Venice! Have you eaten at the Firehouse?
    Jason Hodges

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2 Responses

  1. Drew says:

    I’ve listened to everyone of your episodes. In general, I like what you’re trying to accomplish with this Podcast. That said, here’s a few observations:

    1) These podcasts are too long. I subscribe to a lot of podcasts that come out on a weekly basis, and most are 30 mins or less in duration. Quality over quantity. An hour and fifteen minutes is too long – especially when a lot of time is used on you guys kvetching with each other.

    2) I’m sorry to say it, but this was one of your more un-professional podcasts. The giggling and messaging you guys are doing behind the scenes doesn’t translate well to your viewers. Have a plan ready for the podcast before you start, stick to script and end it after a reasonable amount of time.

    I’m offering this as constructive criticism. I’m bothering to take the time to write this because you are obviously investing a lot of time and effort in putting this together. If you want it to go the next level, however, you really need to make it more structured. I know you’re busy and time poor, but I personally think it would be better to have a higher quality podcast less frequently than a rambling conversation pushed out each week. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Mark says:

    I personally enjoy the “realness” of this podcast. I think it adds a level of personality to the podcast that many other podcasts are missing. Keep up the good work guys!