Episode 105: Robertson’s Bulletproof Surprise

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Tony Gentilcore,

and Mike Robertson


Q&A with Mike

  • What’s up?  I use Magnificent Mobility on a regular basis with my clients and have found the results to be nothing short of awesome.  Do you and Eric plan on releasing additional mobility DVDs in the future?  What do you think of yoga?  I personally think (borrowing for Tony) it SUCKS! -Jimi
  • Been trying to loosen my IT bands for some time with stretching and foam rolling and low impact cardio.  I tried running and the same knee pain resurfaced.  Is time and patience all I need or is there something else I can do to loosen those bad boys up. -Chris Bartl
  • I have a question about picking exercises for the dynamic warm up. I coach both football and wrestling and I want to start incorporating some exercises in the warm up from magnificent mobility. I was wondering if you had to pick only a handle of exercises to teach and use as part of a team warm up what would they be. Thanks -John
  • How do you treat acute Shoulder impingement shoulders with regards corrective exercise? Do you follow any protocols that Bill uses? I know your a big fan of the lower traps activation but is there any other exercises, soft tissue work you insist on?
    David, Cork, Ireland.
  • My name is Jason Smith from Kansas and I was wondering if you knew of any trainers out here in the midwest who has the same philosophy about training that you do? Or if there are any seminars that come out here? Thanks -Jason-
  • I have a family history of bad knees, arthritis, both kinds of arthritis…I am 29 years old, female. For the past 5 years I notice my knees are already popping and clicking. I work out regularly with weights and cardio. DO you recommend any supplements to help prevent bad knees. My mother, aunt and grandmother have all had knee replacements and hip replacements..Am I just doomed to have this problem also?
    Any thought would be great! -Shari
  • I’ve been looking into buying a knee sleeve in order to see if it would help relieve some of the pain I get due to some patella femoral issues while I work on whats really causing it by using your bullet proof knees program. Could you go over some advantages/disadvantages of using one, and if possible could you recommend a brand?-Roger

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