Episode 110: Halloween Tomfoolery

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Tony Gentilcore, Jonathan Fass, Leigh Peele (Twitter), and Mike Boyle


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  • Two voicemails
  • Hey Kevin,
    I am a big fan of the show and have been listening since episode 50. Between this podcast and T-Nation I no longer want to read any body building/health magazines anymore.
    I have a few info shots for you guys before I get to my question.
    1. Tony was talking about how people look at him wierd when he orders a 6 egg omlete. Well I lift weights and work at a restaurant that does breakfast that are about a mile away from each other. I talk to the regulars at the gym and tell them what we have on the menu and what I can do to make it better for them. So now I am getting a lot more “body builder” breakfasts  in the morning. For example I made a 4 egg/ 4 egg white omlete with spinach, onions, tomatoes, and a side order of turkey links.
    2. Amy Jo Johnson (the pink Power Ranger) is on t.v. again. She is on a show called “Flashpoint”. It is on during the summer but you can watch the episodes on cbs.com. And yes, she still looks good.
    Now to my question, like I said earlier I work in a restaurant for 40 hours a week. I also walk to and from there which is about a mile round trip. I don’t get a chance to take breaks unless it is really slow so I am on my feet all day. I try to get to the gym 3 days a week if I am not too tired. Upper body workouts are fine but legs are another story. They are usually tired or sore after work. I hit them on my day(s) off, but it is usually once a week. Nutrition may be a factor. Since I can’t stop and eat during the rush I make a big smoothie, and I drink half 3 hours after I start my shift and half 3-3.5 hours later. It is usually made of whey protein, cottage cheese, low carb yogurt, nat. peanut butter and whatever fruit is cheap.
    I was wondering if you and the Scooby Gang have any routines/tips for people like me? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep going off topic. They are funny.
    Carl Schanz
  • Hi Kevin and company,
    I am a masters’ student in engineering and my tenure is coming to completion. Yet I am growing pretty damn sick of engineering and my real passion lies in fitness and nutrition. I read a lot (I have EC’s book, among others) and was wondering what can I do to get into the fitness game. At this point it is doubtful that I would get a degree in phys but what about certifications? Any ideas. Thanks -Brandon
  • Hey Kevin. I am currently training to run a marathon. I want to incorporate more weight training to lose some more body fat, but I don’t want to get huge arms or anything right now since any extra weight is weight that im going to have to carry for 26 miles. What are some things I can do to focus on fat loss without weight gain. Thanks -Paul

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