Episode 112: Everyone Has to Pee

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass Tony Gentilcore, and Leigh Peele (Twitter)


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  • Kevin… check-out this story about one soldier’s positive results with CrossFit. -Butch
  • Hi ya’ll. I’ve been listening happily for about 5 months now and really enjoy taking your shows on my long runs for my triathlon training. I’m a complete convert to lifting like a guy and will never pick up a pink dumbbell again. I’ve been consistent in the gym with grabbing the larger weights for my workout however Sunday I tore my AC joint in a mountain bike crash during a race and am in a sling and clavicle brace for about 2 weeks so my lifting schedule is out of the window. I’ll also have to be very careful when I come back. Since upper body is a no-go for now, can you suggest any lower body work i can do, keeping in mind that I lack the ability to put weights on my shoulders. I’ll be on a bike trainer and exercise bikes for a while. -Colleen
  • Hey Guys, great show. I have listened to almost all of the previous episodes and have heard Trader Joes mentioned many times. I am jealous everytime I hear it because I live in Central Florida and I dont think we will be getting one anytime soon… So my question is what kind of alternative store is best in the absence of Trader Joes? Sometimes its hard to shop at the local supermarket packed full of delicius “yet fattening” foods. I havent been able to find any ‘”Greens” products available in my area and I was just wondering if y’all had any tips for me regarding this. Thanks and keep up the great work! -Hunter
  • I was wondering if you have any tips or training parameters for people with asthma and  general allergies. I never seem to be able to push myself in the gym as much as I would like. I always seem to get really dizzy and nausous and feel really lightheaded. In fact I am usually slightly winded just doing my first mobility drill during warm-ups. I have not been taking my inhaler because if possible I’d like to train myself to not need it???. I also don’t do too much energy systems work just for this reason. Should I just increase my GPP and get my work capacity up before I worry about strength and hypertrophy? If so should I follow a decreasing rest period type progression?  I’m 5’10, 170lbs, 9-10%. I’ve played sports all my life and never found a good solution. Any advice would be appreciated and if you have any nutrition or supplement ideas for this situation that would be great too.
    Thanks, You guys are awesome,
  • Hey guys,I have a question that I hope could be addressed on the show. I will be training a family friend while home on Christmas break. He is a Division-1 baseball prospect. He is a tall, thin left-hander, 16 years old, who would greatly benefit from 5mph increase in fastball velocity and total body strength. I figured Tony might have some great insight. I planned on introducing him to soft-tissue work, dynamic warm-ups, activation work and proper form for deadlifting, etc. If you could expand on a sport-specific and injury prevention training protocol,that would be awesome.

    PS. As a physical therapy student it drives me nuts when guys preface their “monster chest day” by swinging 10 pound plates in shoulder death circles as their “warm-up”. If their glenohumeral complex was Jenna Jameson then she’d be taking it from all angles. Maybe it’s just me. Thanks.. -Kyle

  • im from utah and ive been training for a few years now and im 235 about 20% body fat. my question is how should i cahnge workouts to get the best fat loss results? been doing upper lower splits for awhile now and im pretty strong. should i change to a full body program or just keep my rutine and add some extra cardio in their? and im of course changing my diet haha. thanks guys i love your show. makes me laugh out loud. . keep it up!!! brad
  • Hey guys, I have a quick question. I tend to get up to pee often during the middle of the night. (must have a small bladder or something, or maybe im just taking the “drink plenty of water” thing to the extreme) I was wondering if there is ANYTHING that i can do while I am up to help recovery, or muscle gain, fat loss, etc… I know sleep is important, and its not like im gonna get up in the middle of the night on purpose to do this, but since i am already up, is there i can do to take advantage of being up. From what i understand, your body is in a catabolic state when you are sleeping. I have heard taking some BCAA’s or whey protein in the middle of the night would be good, especially if i had a hard workout that day, but just wanted your guy’s opinion. Thanks! -Steve


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1 Response

  1. Kyle Adams says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I just listened to the new podcast and it was great as usual. Thanks for answering my baseball-training question. Glad everyone enjoyed the comment, and I’ll keep the ass for gas in mind. Tell Jon that I am a physical therapy student at the Medical College of Virginia campus at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Hopefully I can catch up with him on e-mail sometime, I’d love to get his thoughts on clinical sites that incorporate PT with strength training. Thanks again for taking my question.