Episode 116: The Body Fat Solution With Tom Venuto

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass, and Tom Venuto


Q&A with Tom Venuto
  • Let’s start by talking about why you decided to write a book that focuses heavily on the psychological aspects of dieting.
  • How have you used the tools in the book with your personal clients?
  • You spend a chapter of the book talking about fat-loss myths and why people believe them, which one do you personally believe provides the most problems in society?
  • In, “The Body Fat Solution” you discuss emotional eating a lot and how one must reprogram their brain for success, what does that involve?
  • How important is social support in this whole process and what if your friends and family try to sabotage your fat-loss attempts?
  • (In my best Seinfeld impression) What is the deal with Oprah, seriously?
  • I recently blogged about, “The Ultimate Fat-Loss Secret ” (http://thefitcast.com/?p=784)  where I talked about cutting out cheat meals altogether except for rare special occasions. Where do you stand on scheduled cheat meals and the psychological benefits, good and bad?
  • Given a healthy person who works out regularly, eats well and has 15-20 pounds to lose to reach reasonable and sustainable body comp, is it harder to keep fat off after a successful rapid fat loss effort than with a slow and steady approach? -Craig
  • Since starting my current job, I’ve found I’ve gained a few pounds of fat simply because there is a never-ending supply of peanut M&Ms by the coffee pot. When feeling stressed or bored, a small handful of those suckers is all too tempting. And, well, those handfuls add up over weeks and months. Please don’t say, “just stay away from that area.” The coffee is also there. (I drink it black and with no sugar.) The way you feel about Spike, Kevin, is the way I feel about coffee. Thanks! -Bob
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  1. Mark says:

    You should call the fit cast awards the Fitsys (Fitsees, like the espys???) Great interview!