Episode 118: Elbow of Knowledge

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass, and Jen Heath


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  • Hey guys, still lovin the show. Im always laughing out loud but still getting tons of knowledge. thanks. My Question is to help me better help a friend of mine in the gym. He’s a very slim guy with long limbs. My worry is that im afraid to show him how to squat and dead lift. He’s got that longer body and im pretty much the opposite. Im short and stocky, so i dont have alot problem squatting well and dead lifting. He going for core strength and just to get all around stronger. im really excited to get him in the gym. keep in mind im not a trainer of any sorts i just love to train and workout. Any advice would help alot.Brad, Utah

    P.S. Kevin better watch it im a huge Harry Potter fan and also love Lord of the Rings. Alot die hard fans out their best be careful.

  • (I think this would be good for Jon) greetings fitcast crew,i was looking back through previous episodes and came across a question about a listener’s plans to study kung fu in china. it just so happens that i’m doing the same thing. my question is about stance-training, which basically involves holding a stance for as long as you can, and is found in many styles of traditional martial arts. common stances used are the
    horse-stance and empty-stance (if you’re not familiar with these a google image search would be helpful). do you guys have any opinions on the usefulness of such training, like its usefulness, how it might compare to more common forms of resistance training, etc?
    thank you very much,
    kazim from england, currently in yantai, china
  • Hey Guys –
    It’s great to hear Jen Heath back on The Fitcast. I have a nutrition question for the panel.
    When choosing a meal replacement bar (Balance bar, Cliff bar, etc) what are some general guidelines to look for in regards to protein, carbs, sugar, & fat content. I primarily eat them in the late afternoon between lunch & dinner. Thanks for the advice! -Kevin Fay
  • Kevin,
    Saw this today that the FDA approved Stevia, thought you might be interested.
    http://www.sciam.com/blog/60-second-science/post.cfm?id=feds-give-thumbs-up-to-new-no-cal-s-2008-12-18 -Todd
  • Hey I am trying to build muscle. I hope to gain muscle before I diet down here again in a few months i want to get to 20 to 22% body fat, right now i am 25%,.. but I would like to build up muscles under neath before I burn fat off. right now I am doing a series of 3 sets w/ free weights as follows,. Decline bench press, Standing Rowback,Military Press, dead lift, full squat, hyper extended crunches over ball, and a lower torso reverse type crunch , (I don’t quite know what to call that one) feel free to introduce me to the correct name of this exercise.. It’s done on the end of my bench with a slight lift of my tail bone off the bench, my legs extended vertical, so to close am i missing anything that you can think of or anything overdone?? or not helpful? Recommendations for my diet and exercise requirements for this type of goal greatly appreciated,.. Your team is Awesome!!, Thank You and Merry Christmas!! you all are a very valuble tool to me! -Anne
  • Dear Fitcast, in April of 2009, I will be having jaw surgery which will have me on a liquid diet for six weeks. Since I have not trained for 4 months and gained about 10 pounds of fat, how should I go about easing my way into training again. Should I just start in January and train until surgery, or train 6 weeks after surgery when I’m off the mandatory liquid diet (keep in mind I’m assuming I’m going

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  1. Fail: it was the Elbow of Knowledge.