Episode 124: The Dude with a Copy of Flex

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass,

Tony Gentilcore and Leigh Peele


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  • Voicemail
    • Creatine question
    • Recovery calorie question
    • Protein question
  • Hey guys, this is a question for Jon,
    After I finish a meditation session (about 30min), I stand up and my ankles and knees are so stiff that I can barely walk.  I use a modified Lotus position (feet underneath my knees instead of on top of them, thats just fucking freakish if you can sit like that, and I prop myself on three pillows.  Do you have any suggestions on how to be able to sit better without the pain/stiffness? or should I just give up my quest for enlightenment and be content with my post deadlifting blackouts that show me some lights, but not necessarily THE light!
    Eddy R, NY,
  • Hey Kevin, could you guys talk a little about carb cycling? I know you have mentioned it in the past, but it seems like you always end up with the answer that it depends on the person, which doesnt really help as a listener. I am pretty lean.. i dont know what percent body fat, but you can see my veins sticking out of my arms and legs. The only thing is that there is a little bit of fat around the stomach that I cant get rid of, and it PISSES ME OFF!! My diet is about as clean as I can get it (steel cut oats, eggs, lean meats, grass fed beef, tuna, nuts, lots of veggies and fruit, cottage cheese). I want to go on carb cycling diet to hope to get rid of that last bit of fat. I was wondering if you guys could give a simple run down on how to go about it. I have tried to do some research online, and it has been unsuccessful. Some places say to go high carb on days you do lots of cardio, and some say to go high carb on rest days. I usually run 4 times a week including long runs of 10+ miles on sunday (i run 10ks and half marathons as a hobby) and I usually lift 3-4 times a week. I was just wondering how my carb cycling eating pattern should correlate with my workout pattern. And whether the rest days should be no carb or high carb days. Also, what is “no” carb? like how many grams of carbs are we talking about on no carb days. Sorry for the long question, but I think this is a topic of confusion and I really would appreciate your help. -Steve
  • I would like advice on recovery drinks for post cardio and meal replacements that arent so loaded in sugar.
    I have been buying at blackstar labs and do you still have the discount I can use when I purchase?
    thanks, any help is great! -jenny miller
  • My teenage daughter wants to start coming to gym. what are some exercises she can do. -Myron
  • Hello Fit Cast!I am an amateur fitness competitor who trains somewhere in the range of 15-20 hours per week. (Let me just say I don’t do this all year round! Ha! I’m not that crazy! I started with heavy training about 8 weeks ago since my first show is April 11th.)Anyway. I was wondering if you have any videos (or will be adding any videos) of PROPER Foam Rolling techniques for post workout stretch/recovery? I am taking a beating on my body and as I would LOVE to get bodywork more often that can get quite expensive and since I split half my time training and half my time working the money is just not there for it.

    I tried to do a search on YouTube for Foam Rolling but I am skeptical about who is doing it right and who is not since I have never done it before. I trust your expertise so I wanted to know if you have a video or know a good reputable site I can go to, to view one? I prefer video to written explanation since I can actually see the technique in action.

    Thanks for reading my question and taking the time to hopefully answer it. I love the show and listen to you during my INSANELY LONG cardio sessions and it makes the time fly by. Keep up the good information and advice because I keep coming back for more!

    Jenn in NJ

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4 Responses

  1. Brian Pattison says:

    I can’t believe you guys dropped the ball on the FitDay alternative for Mac! You were so close to getting it right. CalorieKing (http://www.calorieking.com) IS available on the Mac and PC, and it is the best calorie tracking software out there. Their food database is crazy. I only have a handful of saved food items that I had to manually enter and they are constantly updating the database.

    Hope this helps the caller. Love the show!

  2. Sean Kroszner says:

    Listening to the aptly titled podcast this morning while doing an extra morning session I saw a perpetrator in action. Two friends walking around with arms being held out by their imaginary lats and toting a Muscle and Fiction magazine. It made your comment later in the show that much better. And the fact that they were spotting each other on leg extensions was just icing on the cake.

    Just thought I’d pass it along, it makes me sick.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. matt gordon says:

    I do agree with the flex magazine/ muscle and fitness comments, but a small disclaimer is necessary. if one knows what to look for in said magazines, the info can be of use. no snickering please, but it is like the old playboy joke about how good the articles are. the nutrion ideas and supplement info in muscles and fitness is well laid out and documented. the ads for supplements running on adjacent pages are an embarassment though. another thing that can be of some utility is the ability to generate new excercise ideas while disregarding the reps/lbs/sets discussed. that being said, you do need to have a discerning eye for technique and critical thinking if you venture too far into the hype behind the profiled athletes.

    as for your episode, it seems you all have an interesting rapore while miked up. do you guys hangout together while not miked up? keep the info coming and congrads on your podcast longevity. our generation is so easily moved to hop from commitment to commitment that 124 podcasts and counting is truely remarkable.


  4. Hazel Estrada says:

    On the Fitday software alternative, if he’s looking for something exactly like it, there is Diet Controller. It’s Mac, PC, and Linux compatible. I have used Fitday PC and Diet Controller and you’d swear it was the same program. Same things are tracked. What I like is that if you eat the same basic meals, you can copy entire day’s entries from one day to the next and then just modify as needed.