Episode 129: Destination Abs: Phase 1


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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter) and Leigh Peele


A Little Back Story
  • How did this all come about?
  • How Did Leigh approach setting up the diet?
  • Weighing food
  • How did Kevin setup the training
  • The importance of pictures. Weighing/watching
  • posting updates

Questions from Listeners

  • Kevin,Have you had any constipation with the low carb diet? If so, what are some of the things you have done to combat this? Every time I go low carb constipatioin sets in. I have tried flax meal, 6 grams glucomannan daily, etc. But the “plumbing” still doesn’t move like it does when I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast and fruits 3-4 times a day. I am currently on a low carb diet (10 weeks in) and my body never adjusts as I have read. I eat anywhere from 1-2 cups of veggies with all 6 meals per day and drink 80-90 oz of water each day. Anything you or Leigh could recommend would  be great.Thanks,
  • Hi Kevin and Leigh,
    In creating Kevin’s nutrition plan, what specific factors were taken into consideration to make in individualized to him? Were there any hard and fast eating rule he stuck to besides calorie counting (i.e., no eating after 8 pm, avoiding certain foods entirely) or did you go for an approach that avoided these types of rules? Thanks for doing this for us to follow! -Mary D.
  • yo kevin! great job so far with the fat loss! as for the podcast with leigh it would be cool, if you could not only speak about your transformation but also about leigh’s book in general. you’ve mentioned those different phases before: how many phases does leigh’s book have and what do they consist of? and would be great if you could explain the refeed days (rules? kcals? for how long?…)all the best!
    ryan [switzerland]
  • Kevin and Leigh-Benn following the transformation online.Is FLTS a companion or replacement for the nutrition information I already own- PN 3.0 and Naked Nutrition?In general terms, how would I use the FLTS in conjunction with a program like Warp Speed FL?Once goals are achieved is there a plan that allows one to return to more normal eating and maintain leanness?

    Is  Body by Eats soon to be released or is part of FLTS?

    Any discounts for Fitcast listeners?



  • Destination ABS Podcast question.
    I’m about to start my own fat loss phase …Basically, 1000 cals under maintenance and low carb (usually under 50 g a day). How do go I go about setting up re-feeds (meal or day). Thanks. -Jesse
  • How important is sodium in getting abs?.. How closely do I need to watch my sodium intake to get lean. -Deana
  • Just curious about diet transitions. I mean, if I’m following one diet, the Metabolic/Anabolic/DiPasquele Diet, how bad would the transition to Leigh’s plan be? I’m the police cadet that emailed you guys a few months ago about fat loss with the diet. I’m down 15 lbs, but can’t drop any more. Also having a hard time with energy and sleep. Basically I’m interested in the transition from my diet to Leigh’s. Is there a section in one of the books? Does it even matter?P.S. Also what’s the difference between the oats, i.e. rolled, steel cut, and so forth?P.P.S. You guys are great, already got three other cadets to start listening. I’m trying to get them to buy Leigh’s plan so we can drop weight together. Thanks for the inspiration.-Kraig

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21 Responses

  1. Sarah Leon says:

    Hi Leigh and Kevin. This is my “transformation wish” story, as requested by Leigh. Whether or not I’m chosen to get the free copy of FLTS, I hope you get some warm fuzzies from the story.

    My name is Sarah, I’m 40 years old, a wife and mom and worker. A year ago I was constantly tired, sick with infections I couldn’t get rid of, and weighed in the range of 290 pounds. As I’m only 5’7″, that meant I was morbidly obese 😉 In April last year I got some bad news: My boss was really, really unhappy with my shoddy work performance. The performance was all my fault; I wasn’t getting enough sleep, had a full-blown sugar addiction, and pretty much hated my life (including my husband). So my work suffered.

    Being in danger of losing my job sent me into somewhat of a panic; I’m the sole support of my family. I couldn’t lose my job, and I started looking for the light, some hope, a way out of the crappy situation I’d created for myself.

    At the beginning of May 2008, I quit eating sugar. I knew from past experience that if I could quit sugar, my health would improve and I’d lose weight; I’d done it about 15 years before and it was miraculous. At the time, though (young, stupid, in my 20s!), I thought I was “cured” and could eat whatever I wanted after the weight loss, so I did, and I set my sugar addiction to raging again. The result was about 150 extra pounds and a nearly-ruined life.

    Quitting sugar was only the beginning of amazing changes in my life. About a month after I quit, I asked my husband to quit sugar too. He weighed about 290 pounds also, at 5’8″. He could see that quitting sugar and improving my diet and getting enough sleep was working for me (I lost about 14 pounds that first month), so he reluctantly agreed to give up his beloved Coca-Cola and give it a try just for a little while. The pounds began to drop off him, too.

    Due to my new diet and better sleep habits, my work performance improved hugely, too. In July I got an excellent review from my boss and he’s been happy with me since.

    In November, my weight loss had slowed down some–I was down to about 247 pounds at this time. So I began doing walking in the hills on my lunch break, and some sporadic bodyweight strength training. This helped, my fat loss picked up again. In January 2009, I added in calorie-counting to try to understand better what I was eating and get my weight loss sped up again; and it helped, I’ve lost another 20 pounds since then and am now down to 217.

    During this time, my husband has also lost about 70 pounds from following my example of not eating sugar and refined white grains, and the beginnings of strength training and cardio work. It seems like every time I take up a new habit, he follows what I’m doing about a month later, and gets improvements too. It’s pretty cute, and I’m pleased that I can keep inspiring and guiding him. Our relationship has -massively- improved since last year; we are back in love with each other again and a lot of that goes back to my efforts to improve my life and health. (We also have had amazing improvements in sex due to losing nearly 150 combined pounds, woohoo!)

    At this point you may be wondering why I even need or want FLTS. The short answer is because after a year of hard work, I’ve still got 70 pounds to lose and I just want it OFF already! I’ve been coveting FLTS for this purpose, but our budget is always tight. I’ve benefitted hugely already from Leigh’s articles and podcasts (just the tip on accurate measuring and weighing of foods is incredibly useful), but I crave more knowledge and methods for getting this fat off and getting the body I want. And, as I’m also my husband’s amateur personal trainer, whatever I learn will benefit his fat loss and body recomposition, too.

    In addition to wanting the fat off, I’ve got some training goals. A friend has asked me to train for a sprint triathlon with her that’s to happen in September, and I’m eager to take up that challenge, but also don’t want to ruin my fat loss by doing so. I’d like to use FLTS as a resource to support my goal to both train and continue to lose weight. I don’t expect to be the fastest woman competing, I just want to finish; this is something I’ve dreamed about doing for 15 years.

    Thanks for the work you are both doing.

  2. Mariana says:

    My transformation wish– I’ll make it short. I lost 70 pounds over 8 years ago. I have been able to keep most of if off… I went from a size 18 to a helthy 4. My problem is that I gained 10 pounds in the last year. No matter what I try or what I do I can’t seem to be able to loose the weight. I am currently in my last semester of grad school and I will like to be able to control my weight gain. I really don’t have a lot of time, but I workout every morning. I get up at 3;30 in order to be able to have time to do it. I want to become lean and I want to be able to feel confident and not worry that my love handles and my loose skin is hanging and showing! I know you have worked with people that loose weight and understand exactly what I am talking about…

  3. Teresa says:

    Hi Kevin and Leigh. Here is my Inspiration Story.

    I am a 47-year old woman who has spent much of my adult life studying fitness and nutrition as a layperson. I have gained and lost many pounds over the years, and not always in a healthy way.

    At the age of 40, I began full-contact kickboxing and quit smoking. I did gain a little weight when I quit smoking, but also achieved a higher level of fitness due to the fighter training. I earned my black belt at the age of 43 and I felt very strong and healthy during that time.

    Unfortunately, not long after that achievement, life kind of shifted more toward work. I was working as a clinic manager at a mental health clinic for school aged children, and was promoted to district manager. I was under much more stress, and at about the same time, my kickboxing trainer stopped providing formal classes.

    I drifted through a few other fitness classes, but they did not give me the same boost that fight training did. I was also under more and more stress at work, so my fitness began to suffer and my weight began to creep up.

    Then, almost six months ago, my company suddenly closed and I became one of the many unemployed in this country. I had to reassess my plans, and have decided to stay home and learn to make a living in internet marketing. That is progressing more slowly than I had planned, due to the high learning curve for me. (I am not a very technically skilled person.)

    Now that my stress level is lower, I expected to be able to lose the weight but it seems to be more difficult than it has ever been. I am a great believer in educating myself to help myself, and I feel that the Fat Loss Troubleshoot could be exactly what I need to discover what is keeping me from losing the (about 30) extra pounds I am carrying.

    I eat healthier than almost everyone I know, and yet I cannot seem to lose weight. I know that my activity level is not as consistently high as it should be, but I am no couch potato either. There is still a fighter somewhere in this overweight, middle-aged body, crying to be released.


  4. Amanda says:

    My transformation wish? Get hit on by guys in my own age bracket. Seriously. Whether it be in person or my latest misbegotten foray into online dating, seventy-five percent of the time when a guy chats me up, he’s in the 40-plus crowd. I don’t know if my excess fat (the caliper assessment at my gym put me at 32%) is giving off pheromones appealing to older guys or what, but I’d like it to stop. More likely it’s a confidence issue. Even though I used to be 60 pounds heavier than I am now, I’m still not quite comfortable in my skin, so that “leaks through” and attracts–well, the type of person who wants a girl who’s unsure of herself. Thank God I have the sense to not date any of them.

    Also according to my gym’s assessment, my cardiovascular fitness is currently in the “fair” range, and my strength is “average.” I’d like to improve them both. Not that there’s a large chance of it happening, but should I ever be running from a lion across the Serengeti, I’d like to know I have a chance of making it to the nearest tree, hoisting myself up a branch, and climbing to safety. And if Guy in My Own Age Bracket happens to be in the same tree and ask me out after the lion’s gotten bored and wandered off, so much the better. 😉

    Too facetious? Here’s the more boring, albeit still true, version of my transformation wish: I want to be secure in my own skin and confident of my body’s ability to handle what I throw at it. I have 14% body fat to lose to reach my goal of 18%, and I’ve been at this point for over two years now.

    Well, that’s sort of a lie, because last year at this time I was 10 pounds lighter than I am now. In the podcast, Leigh mentioned the importance of having an accountability partner who you’d hate to fail. To large extent, I am that person I’d hate to fail. Recently, each time I head to the gym, I tell myself I’m doing this because it’s unacceptable to be another 10 pounds heavier this time next year. But even that is asking too little of myself. I was an obese child, certainly never an athlete. I’d like to one day complete a triathlon and do a pull up to prove to myself that my body is not broken or run down. To prove that I’m capable of so much more than 4.7 miles an hour on the treadmill for 45 minutes. But I need some sort of plan to follow. I wouldn’t say I’m training without a purpose, but I’m training without a plan, and that doesn’t work.

    And should I catch the attention of Guy in My Own Age Bracket at the triathlon or while completing my chin-up, that’d be just as good as meeting him after fleeing the lion. Though it wouldn’t make nearly so good a “how we met” story.

  5. ryan says:

    Leigh, I’ll try to keep my story short: I’m a 22year old student from Switzerland and started strength training and eating healthy about a year ago when i was studying in California for a semester. I gained a lot of weight (about 8kgs in short period of time) in the beginning because of the total different food culture (i guess). That’s when I started listening to the podcast and do my own research on different topics. Since then I have been trying to read articles and follow different blogs (eric, leigh, jimmy, alwyn, tony, boyle,..and many more).

    My biggest goal is to get really ripped and do a professional photoshot (as a reward kinda). I managed to see my abs a little, but I want more..I really want to get down to like 7-8%. I gained some wheight back over christmas (i was studying for my finals and wasn’t able to fully concentrate on my nutrition anymore).

    Now I’m back on track and motivated! The only problem is I don’t know why I keep hitting the same plateau over and over again; even tough i thought i knew “everything”…That’s why i actually submitted my question and was wondering what your book consists of.

    I would love to follow your book and log my progress (I still my have my after-christmas pictures (not totally naked, don’t worry =P ) those pictures keep me motivated, because i don’t want to look like that again).

    Thanks kevin and leigh for the podcast and for answering my questions =)
    and excuse my english writing skills…i’m not used to writing in english

    ryan [switzerland]

  6. Kimberley says:

    What a mean, mean, April Fool’s joke Kevin!!! My stomach sank momentarily.

  7. Amanda says:

    Um, sorry to clutter the comment trail, and my apologies if this is frowned upon. But I have an addendum to my wish story (post 4).

    I realized I talked about my “age bracket” without saying I’m 27. Then I realized being charged by an angry rhino and escaping in a tree is more likely than being chased by a lion, as the lion could climb the tree or leap upon a branch to devour me and Guy in My Age Bracket. Not that I’m sure why an angry rhino would charge me and GiMAB, but hey, it’s hypothetical. 🙂

    Sorry again. That’s what I get for writing these things at 5 in the morning.

  8. Lori says:

    Hi Leigh and Kevin,
    Well my transformation hope isn’t super dramatic but it means everything to me. I have never been severely overweight just a little heavy. Two years ago I went on a diet of prepackaged meals and super low calories and got down to my goal of 125 lbs (5’4″). Unfortunately, I was sick all the time, lethargic, fatigued and moody. Even though I lost weight the wrong way I have never been happier. I had a confidence that I have never felt. I held my head up and was proud. Unfortunately my body rebounded and no matter what I did I put about 10 pounds back on. I know that 136 isn’t overweight but mentally I am just devastated. I hired a trainer early this year and instead of losing weight I gained more. I am a meticulous calorie counter and food weigher. I lift weights 3 times a week and do cardio. I feel like no trainer ever really listens to what I need. I do my HIT workouts but I also need to do endurance work as I compete in triathlons and other endurance events so I have to do endurance work. My trainer couldn’t seem to understand that concept… It seems like all trainers want to do is cut out all cardio and do weights. While I enjoy lifting, that isn’t my goal. I want to feel confident and be proud of my body. RIght now I have trouble letting my husband see me. It seems like my weight sinks into every part of my life and negatively affects me. I just want help to lose the last 10… I don’t need to see my abs like Kevin, but I do want to be sleek. I am not expecting miracles but maybe something to give me advice that is reasonable.

  9. Debbie says:

    In January 1998 I decided to buy some new jeans. I never wore jeans because they were uncomfortable. Assuming I was a size 16 I went shopping. NOPE, size 16 didnt fit, nor did 18,20, or 22. I decided right then and there I wasnt going to buy bigger clothes I was going to get this weight off. It took six mos., low fat eating and walking for an hour everyday and I went from 190 to 150. I was content. Six years later unhappy with my weight I did Atkins and went to 140. Content again. Until I saw the BFL program. I did that for 12 weeks lost 6 lbs and numerous inches, BUT I was watching the scale and 6 lbs wasnt good enough even though I was looking good. Gave up. Quit smoking in November of 2007. I continued to exercise through my quit and still gained 15 lbs. I’ve been true to my wo’s since January 5th, at least 30 mins, sometimes as much as 2 hours, I’ve been eating clean and absolutely nothing is changing. My measurements are the same, my weight is increasing and I just cant seem to get anything to move. Trying not to get discouraged and continuing to exercise, would love a personal trainer, but the cost is what stops me. At 40 years old and 5’2 I am overweight. I want to be in the best shape of my life for my birthday. Everyone is telling me to just accept myself the way I am, but I KNOW this is not me. I am miserable everyday. My clothes dont fit and I dont want to buy new ones. I’ve tried fasting wo’s in the morning, fasting wo’s in the afternoon, more cardio, more intervals, more ss cardio, watching calories, watching carbs, getting carbs from veggies only, UGH what do I do now???? I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall and am suffering from information overload!!!!

  10. Jessica says:

    My journey echos aspects of all of the others. Depression led to a self-destructive mission to dull the pain by eating and drinking my hidden fears/desires into submission. At a specific point, something snapped in me which prompted a minor shift in my thinking and made me realize that it was only ME making myself miserable. I made a conscious effort (A LOT OF EFFORT) to try something new: to stop getting in the way of my own happiness. Subsequently, my behaviors slowly followed suit. With exercise came those wonderful endorphins (helping to combat the depression) and better self-esteem/efficacy. Instead of a downward spiral, I started the uphill battle and have rarely looked back — except to say “I don’t ever want to go back to that place again.” It’s not all about my aesthetic appearance. I’m in a much happier place mentally and spiritually because I’m taking care of myself.
    I take care of myself for my loving family and friends. I do it for the future possibility of being somebody’s healthy mom. I’m doing my own tiny part in combating ever-rising healthcare costs. I work at my health to set an example for the neighborhood children. And OF COURSE I do it to bite my thumb at those childhood bullies. Yep – for bikini season too. 😉
    My “transformation wish” is to keep this crazy learning process going and to be the best (looking/thinking/feeling) person I can be. And I hope everyone finds their best inner-self too.

    PS: To Debbie – that sense of self-loathing attributed to your weight is REALLY what’s weighing you down. You are a goddess. Work what you got and your a$$ will follow. I’m rooting for you!

  11. Aline says:

    Hi Leigh: Thanks for offering us the chance to win your FLTS. As you know, I’ve been dying to get my paws on it!
    Here goes my transformation story:

    I got married Aug. of 2006 to the man of my dreams. He is fabulous and wonderful and loves me just the way I am fat or skinny he really does love me unconditionally. For that I am grateful- I am not however grateful for the fat wedding pictures that arrived shortly after our happy day. Eeek. Hanging fat over my strapless gown. Flabby arms. Double chin. I seriously cringe when I think about them.

    On October of 2006 (on my birthday) I hopped on the scale and it read 182lbs. (I’m 5’1) I panicked. I was OBESE. How did it happen? How did I become so deaf in listening to my body that I has put on 52 lbs and didn’t really notice? Horrified I decided I wouldn’t do 1 more bad thing to my body and made a resolution to drop the weight and give my husband the hot, sexy wife he deserved damn it!

    I logged my food- cut my calories to a range of 1200-1500 cals. I worked out a minimum of 3 times a week mostly cardio and some weight classes here and there at my local gym. I dropped 30 lbs. Then I signed up to train for a marathon- and despite the LONG miles and training I crossed the finish line (I was so proud!) but my weight loss came to a screeching halt. That was 1 year ago exactly. I trained harder. Ran faster. Cut calories and still nothing. If I don’t work out I don’t put on any weight either but I also don’t lose any. I am now frustrated, disheartened and lost. What’s the point of working so hard if this is where and how I will look for the rest of my life? 🙁

    My transformation wish would be to be able to get my body to look as good as I feel. I want my body to reflect the athlete that is inside me. I want to finally shed these 35lbs. I want my awesome husband to have a hot wife he can be proud to have on his arm.

    This is why I follow your podcasts Leigh and why I’m interested in your FLTS program.

    Thank you for everything you do and getting the “right” information out there.


  12. CloveApple says:

    I’ve been obese or morbidly obese all my adult life. A little over a year ago I got a wakeup call when I was diagnosed with skyrocketing blood pressure and sleep apnea. I’ve lost almost 100 pounds since then and am still trucking.

    I’m not expecting to become anybody other than me, but at the same time I AM changing. I can’t say I know what all the changes will be but I know the ones so far are good and so are the ones to come. I’ve lost the sleep apnea and my blood pressure has dropped. I’m learning how to cope with life’s everyday stressors and moods in ways other than eating.

    Of course like many other folks I want to change what I see in the mirror, but the transformation I am hoping for goes beyond that. II want to find out who I am when being fat is not my defining characteristic, to find out what I do when I quit putting my life on hold, to get more of my life and energy back instead of my state of constant tiredness that I didn’t even know I had sunk into.

    I think I’m within 20-25 pounds of my goal and maybe closer. Since I’ve never been thin or even average weight, every step on this journey is a step into new uncharted territory. So I can use all the knowledge and resources I can get.

    I’m listening like crazy: to people’s personal stories, forum conversations, my trainer and nutritionist, and comments from experts like Leigh. I’m reading and trying to understand both the science and the nitty gritty practicalities. And (more slowly and awkwardly but steadily moving forward) I’m getting the behavioral stuff ingrained and getting a handle on the psychology of it all.

    In spite of what I’ve learned and am learning I still feel incredibly ignorant, and since so many people say things get harder as you near the end stage I’m not about to rest on my laurels. I am going to succeed. I will beat the statistics and keep the fat off, but to do that I need every bit of an edge I can get.

    Leigh’s ebooks look like a wealth of knowledge and expertise that could really help me get a solid understanding of how fat loss and maintenance work. I plan to read every section, even the ones I don’t think apply to me, so that I really really get it. I don’t want to do things by accident or because somebody tells me to. I want to do things because I UNDERSTAND what I am doing.

  13. Tina Wendel says:

    Hi Leigh, I have no earth-shattering transformation wish. I will turn 49 this year and I am so frustrated by never getting anywhere and things never changing. I have tried numerous progams, including BFL and am currently following PN and still no results. I can’t do this on my own…I just don’t know how much or what to eat.

    My family and friends think I’m nuts as they think I’m trying to lose “weight”. I have no support in my fight to lose “fat” and I just feel so alone and isolated trying to wade through all the different programs and opinions in the fitness industry. I want to be proud of my body and feel confident in my own skin. I need help to lose 10 pounds of fat. I want a flat stomach. I need guidance on how to accomplish this. I simply don’t know how to do this on my own.

    Thanks for the consideration.

  14. Melisa Jones says:

    Four years ago, I was walking out of the gym (after yet another attempt to start losing weight), I tripped going down the stairs and fractured a bone in my foot. Unfortunately, at the time I did not have health insurance and thought I had just sprained it. Six weeks later, I finally saw someone about continued pain while walking. I went to a health clinic at my college and no one seemed to be of any help, every doctor had a different theory and I was only a month or two shy of graduating anyhow.

    I moved to a new city where EVERYONE walks, which would have been fine, if I could participate. I tried working with a trainer to help, but there was not much she could do with someone who could not bear weight on one leg, and she was a far cry from a Jonathon Fass (if you know what I mean). Luckily, I did pick up health insurance and finally got to see a doctor about that bothersome foot. Well after many tests and endless battles with health insurance, I had to have surgery, physical therapy, and a whole lot of recovery. When I went into surgery, my weight had ballooned up to 245 lbs (I’m a 5’6’’ female).

    After recovery, I decided I was too young to take walking for granted, (I was 21 when I first fell). I began a diet and got all the way to 180 lbs, that was two years ago. In the last two years, I have gone from 175 to 185 at least 10 times. I’m not tired of dieting, but I’m tired of fighting the same battle with the same pound over and over and over. I want to get to 150/160, but I sometimes fear that may not be possible. Worse yet, endless dieting cycles have left some food issues that I am also now struggling to overcome. I refuse to stop fighting, I dream of the day when I no longer feel stuck inside a body. In the podcast, Leigh mentioned losing weight and then having the ability to put food and weight on autopilot and getting on with your life. I can’t wait for when that day comes!

    Anyhow, thanks for the great work, listening to you guys is great.

  15. Leigh Peele says:

    I would just like to say thanks for everyone who have said what they have so far.
    You all suck for making this so hard.

  16. Gina says:

    Hi Kevin and Leigh,

    I am about to make it harder for you Leigh heehee.

    First I wanted to say thanks for the chance.

    I have been struggling with my weight my entire life. I don’t really know why I had such issues with eating. My mother and I were both overweight, while my sister and my father were like sticks. We all ate the same food but I guess my sister and my dad just moved more. I was picked on in elementary school for being “the fat girl” but once I got to highschool I got friends that didn’t judge me, and I just hid in the background. When I got to college I decided I wanted to feel better about myself so I started WW which went well for a little while. I lost about 20 pounds then I just stopped losing, I went to Southbeach and lost about 10 more pounds then no more. Within the next year I gained it all back. I just figured there was something wrong with me and it was hopeless. I finally stubbled upon Leigh’s blog and she said things that clicked with me. I always thought I had some kind of a fat gene and my sister was just lucky, but it never occured to me that she may have just moved more, she was so social and played sports…that stuff really makes a difference. I am now in a situation where I have bought a food scale and am counting my calories, I have lost 10 of the 30 I put back on and now I really just want to get it done and I know that Leigh’s books will help.

    Thanks for listening and Goodluck to everyone!

  17. Matt says:

    Kevin and Leigh,
    My transformation wish is to finally do this…
    I do not have a heart tugging story, I am not morbidly obese, or been picked on all my life for being the big kid, I just need to lose the weight.

    I am 5’10” and 218lbs, as of this morning, I have been up to 226.
    I need to follow a plan and someone to answer to; right now I answer to myself and he lets me slack.

    My workout routines are consistent in the fact that I go to gym 4-5 times a week, but my workouts are not. The intensity changes and I never seem able to follow a routine.

    This is more evident in my nutrition.
    Most of the time when I am not “dieting” it is always a question of what is for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow and lack of a plan always makes you gain weight.

    I try to set up a diet and follow it but make a gray area I always stretch, have one cheat meal that leads into a cheat weekend…

    I need to a have a eat this or choose to be fat plan.

    I am willing to send pictures, logs, video, I promise no nakies – although they would work will as an appetite suppressant.

    To me seeing my abs would be like when Kevin got his case of PB2, orgasmic.

    Based on their posts their are others on this list that need this more than me, but I think I just had to write this down to stop fooling myself.

  18. Kyle says:

    Hey Leigh and Kevin,

    As always another awesome episode, again many thanks for the continued effort that goes into the show.

    I will add my story to the mix…

    My name is Kyle, I am a 22 yr old college student who is currently employed in the criminal justice field. Growing up I was one of the growing majority of kids who did not have a nutrition plan whatsoever implemented in their life when arguably the most important habit forming behaviors are developed. I come from a family with parents that are obese, and 2 out of four grandparents that passed away from cardiac related issues at a young age. Diet and nutrition consisted of diet soda and limiting pizza carryout to 1-2times per week lol.

    I love playing sports, and this is probably the only thing that kept me from getting into such a rut with my weight when I was younger. However every ‘season’ of sports I went through a very dangerous cycle of weight gain and loss, at one time going from an all time high of 245lbs down to 182lbs (I am 5’11”). I played varsity football 3 out of 4 years in high school for a very large school in our area, I played on the offensive line because of my size. Gaining weight at a rapid pace to remain competitive, no matter what the cost, was always pushed by the coaches.

    When I moved on to college I took an interest in becoming a Police Officer. I was lucky enough to have family members who were police officers themselves that could lend a helping hand in preparing me for the physical demands of a police academy. I took an interest in maintaining personal health, enrolling in nutrition classes, wellness classes, etc. to try and change my thinking as it relates to food and exercise. Through implementing running and a regular resistance training regiment, I was able to go from 240lbs now down to approx. 205lbs.

    After months of hard work, preparing for the entrance testing for a large department here in the area (ahem the motor city) I took a blow below the belt when I went for my pre-academy eye exam and was diagnosed with glaucoma at age 22. After submitting all of my medical records to the state licensing ‘body’ I was ultimately told that because I had glaucoma and there is no cure…I could never be a police officer.

    Because my glaucoma was uncontrolled with medicine and drops, I had to have a rushed surgery in both eyes. In this procedure, a metal ‘shunt’ is inserted into your eye, and aids in relieving pressure in your eye from fluid build-up. As a result of the surgery I have been limited to lifting things only if they are extremely light while I am healing. Lifting too much weight causes the eye to strain and then as a reaction the eye deflates…this is very painful and happened to me the first day after the surgery in my right eye when I was making my bed! lol.

    To get to the point of this story…now more than ever because I am in a ‘healing’ state and still cannot resume a normal resistance training regiment (3months post-op), I have come to understand the EXTREME importance of nutrition. This has become foremost to me in my efforts to not only maintain a healthy weight but to be ‘healthy’ in general.

    I came across the Fitcast a few months ago and have come to love the show and appreciate the wisdom of some of the ‘superstars’ in the industry ;). Leigh your nutrition information has been very insightful, and it would be awesome to be able to learn just that much more of what you have to say!

    I will be returning to school in the fall to pursue another related field, and hopefully returning to the weight room as well. My goal is to reach a solid 190lbs. I have a long road ahead but I am excited to learn more and more as each day goes by and increase my understanding of fitness and nutrition!

    Please don’t take this as a sob story haha…everyone has there own individual challenges from day to day and a big kudos goes out to everyone who has shared there story in this thread.

    Thanks! Have a good one!

  19. Rachelle says:

    My transformation wish is to lose 55-60 pounds and just feel good inside and out! I never had a weight problem when I was young and was able to lose weight after having my two children but I have been struggling the last 7 years to lose weight always exercising, messing around with calories, not wanting to “diet” but find an eating plan I could live with forever. My dad had a heart attack when he was 50 years old and I carry all my weight in my stomach – I want to be here to grow old with my hubby and to see my kids become adults. I went through a clinic/nutritionist and lost 25 pounds only to have gained them back the last year and a half and the scale just keeps moving up. The harder I try to stop it, the more it moves. I am even wearing a BodyBugg and it’s not helping. I am my worst enemy and I am being way too hard on myself BUT when I’m trying and it’s not working, it’s hard not to be hard on myself. I have learned so much in my journey and it were all about exercise, I would be a size 2. I love to exercise and it has kept me sane through the years. But I need to make the food and exercise connection to make them both work together. I am almost 200 pounds, 5’7″ and I do not want to buy bigger clothes this summer. I want to feel healthy and be fit. Thank you for your time and consideration. And from reading everyone’s wishes, I know I am not alone. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves and to be healthy.

  20. lisa says:

    Hi Leigh,
    I would like to put my hat in the ring for a chance at your materials.
    I am a 45 year old female. I feel like the years are flying by so quickly and I want to be as strong and healthy as possible. About 15 years ago I started having muscle problems. Lots of very painful aches and pains and very, very tired. It took 10 years to finally diagnose Celiac (I can’t eat gluten) which causes a sort of auto immune disorder which attacked my muscles mostly.
    My goal is to be strong and healthy but I seem to have to try twice as hard to get half as much effort. But I don’t give up. I try too hard actually because I have recently been diagnosed that my adrenals are not good and my cortisol levels are very high. I am learning to take it easy but that is hard for somebody who wants to be healthy and strong. But I gain weight so easily and have to struggle to get it off.
    I am a fitness junkie, reading about everything I can get my hands on but it seems if there is a missing piece that I just can’t figure out. I keep thinking that if I try harder or read another book the missing piece will fit in.
    I recently got a treadmill at a garage sale and put my laptop on it so that I can try burning more calories by walking while I am working.
    I am just afraid to buy your stuff because I have wasted so much money before and I just can’t take the chance but I desperately want to see if this is the missing piece that will help me lose the fat and help to keep my muscles strong so that I can stay active.
    Thank you for considering me.

  21. Talia says:

    My transformational wish story…

    In one sentence: I want the mental image I have of myself be the same one I see in the mirror.

    I’ve always loved to read the success stories in fitness magazines. They gave me hope that someday I too could be a success story. And in the back of my mind I’ve always wished that there was a missing key that I’d find that would just click and I’d loose all the weight and get down to a normal weight. But I know that it’ll take more work and discipline than that daydream.

    Stat wise, I’m a woman who just turned 30 and am 5’9″ and 330lbs. It seems like such a long journey to cut that number by half. As I’ve lost over 100 lbs 5 years back but have gained it all back plus 50 more. I don’t want to backslide again, and have years of hard work go down the tubes. It’s a journey that I really want and need to take. I’ve built me a deep rut and it’s hard to claw myself out of it. And I know my weight is holding me back from experiencing all I can of life.

    I really want to go to a regular store and buy an insanely cute and sexy outfit (as right now I’m pretty much topped out of the plus sized stores and really can only buy clothes online). I want to be able to super cute boots and have them fit over my calf. I want to be able to fit into seats on planes and at movie theaters. I’d love to go out on a date (as being fat really isolates one from the opposite sex, especially as an overweight girl). I want to do more than skate around in practice, but to be able to skate a full roller derby bout and keep up with the other girls rather than being the bench coach. I want to go kiteboarding and do a triathlon and go snowboarding. I want to be able to live life full out rather than just sit on the sidelines and cheer others on.