Episode 130: The New Biggest Loser Trainer

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass,

and Leigh Peele



  • I’m a huge fan of BSG. While the finale was awesome, I wasn’t a huge fan of the “lets interbreed with the humans on this planet”. Your guys’ thoughts on this could make for some good discussion. Very emotional finale regardless. And what the heck was Starbuck? -Jason
  • I have one question for the off topic section. Do you guys listen to any other podcasts besides fitness stuff? Like Tony do you listen to Movie podcasts? NPR anyone?

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  • Hi Kevin!I love the show so much.

    To Leigh-I don’t know if you remember me but I met with you once in Winston back in 2006. You helped me with my leg and gave me a program for fat loss?Well I did what you said, lost the weight, my leg was better, and things were going good. Since then I moved overseas and I have put a lot of the weight back on, my leg is hurting again behind the knee now. This maybe a hard question ,but why do we backslide and how can I get back on track? Also the food here (Denmark) is a lot different and not helping! Any advice and thank you so much from before. I think you are so funny and sweet in person.

    If there is time for one more question. Do you guys know of any online supplement site that ships to this area? -Mia

  • Hey guys, I have a question about fish oil. You guys seem to always say that that fish oil is one supplement that is good to add. However, in terms of dosage, i find the info out there very vague. I often hear 3-6g per day, but does that refer to the g of fat, or the g of epa/dha? Most fish oils are like 2g per serving, but only around 600mg of epa/dha, with the rest being other poly/mono unstaurated fats. So when people say 3-6g of fish oil a day, does that refer to g of epa/dha or total g of fat in the pill? Also is 3-6g a day about right? Finally, some fish oils like biotest flameout have a much higher amount of dha than epa, but most are higher in epa. Does it matter? What is the difference/advatage of each. Thanks, keep up the good work -Sal
  • Hey Kevin, love the show. For the past 2 months, I have added creatine for the first time, and I have seen great results. However, my creatine monohydrate powder does not dissolve when I add it to water. It all goes to the bottom of the cup, and I have to stir alot and drink right away, and keep adding water to get it off the bottom. I don’t mind since it works, but does that mean that the particular brand I am using is low quality? I add it to shakes too but again, I am worried that I am using a crap brand. I know that you guys always give shout outs to your sponsors, but since there are so many different brands of supps out there, could you guys recommend a good and trusted brand for the main supplements: Creatine, fish oil, propow, and greens. Thanks, keep up the good work -Nick
  • Hey guys,
    First off, I’d just like to thank you for the advice you gave be a few week back in regards to my dads hip surgery. We managed to get him to loose a few pounds and get a bit stronger before the surgery and his recovery is going better than anyone expected. So thank you.
    Onto my question. I’ve been dealing with a sore shoulder for a few months now. I have been working a lot of scapular stability, stopped doing all pressing motions and started getting ART done 2-3 times a week for about 6 weeks with no improvement. The ART practitioner recommended that I get an ultrasound which ended up showing no torn tendons, but did show a calcification on my supraspinatus. The ART practitioner has recommended extracorporeal shockwave therapy to improve the blood flow to the area and get rid of the calcification. So far I’ve only done one session, but i wanted to get your guys opinion before i continue, as it’s quite expensive. Thanks a lot for any advice. -Troy.
  • This is a question for the fitcast crew.
    My dad has suffered a herniated disc between his C5-C6 vertebra and a pinched nerve between his L4-L5 vertebra. I have told him that he needs to stabilize his lumbar spine and that it is hypermobile. He has not exercised vigorously in probably 10 years. I told him to start very slowly with planks and side planks and he complains that they hurt. My question is: what core strengthening exercises can he perform pain free that might help him stabilize his lumbar spine? In addition, are there any other exercises that might help my father’s condition at all or is he at a point where it is not safe to do strengthening exercises?
    I appreciate all the help,
    Chris TX
  • Hey Guys,Male, 5’9, 190 21%BF

    I was reading in a recent Muscle and Fitness about Tabata Training (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, rinse and repeat.)  I was wondering what everyone thought about this program in general, but also its benefits for the relative novice.  I’ve been lifting on and off for 4 years and finally have the time to get back into it full force.  Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Ocean Grove, NJ

  • I actually have 2 questions. I am an all natural lifter and never taken anything crazy I was wondering what you thought about Tribulus terrestris or estrogen blockers in general.Are they safe and really “natrual” or what. I work out 6 days a week with lifting 4 days and HITT on my off days. My 2nd question is has any of you ever done sprint intervals or HITT and how does it burn more fat then regular steady state cardio. Love the show and thanks a lot. -Gary
  • Hi, I’m a new listener and love the show.I’ve heard you guys mention many times that technique is important. Also that heavier weight with less reps builds better muscle.

    In my bicep workout (straight bar curls), i lose form at reps 8-10 in the 3rd+4th sets (1st set being a warm up). Should i go up in weight and settle for sets of 6 or are 8 good reps + 2 bad form reps with lower weight a better way to build muscle?

    Thanks, and hope to hear from you.

  • Hey guys,
    love the show. When people say they are on a low carb diet are they referring to only startchy carbs? or does this include fruits. Also what is your theory on how much fruits you should have when you are on a diet to get to single body bf.

    Thanks Jrod from the North

  • I was going to start preparing to take the CSCS exam. I have noticed that NSCA has an updated version of their book, “Essentials of strength and conditioning”. I assume that I can still use the older version (edition #2) to study. They havent changed that much that I definitely need to get the newer edition do I? What does the new edition contain that the old doesnt? What other recommendations can you give for studying for the exam? I already have a background in exercise and physiology. Thanks. -Tracy

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8 Responses

  1. Michael C says:

    OK, so on the show you mention to not train to failure every time. I workout three times a week and will do something like a bench every other workout for something like 3X5. When I am able to complete the sets & reps with the weight I will move up. Based on what you said on the podcast, this seems like the wrong way to train.

    So what are the other options? Max out once every couple of weeks? A 5X5 like system?

  2. Mike says:

    Whats leigh’s website? fl what.com?

  3. Deb says:

    I wanted to comment on Troy’s letter. While I have not had shock-wave therapy for a shoulder injury, I did have it for plantar faciitis. I was in pain for 9 months before having the therapy, and nothing helped (ice, stretching, massage, cortisone shot, etc). My podiatrist gave me three treatments, and after the first, I noticed a significant change…I could walk with no pain. By the third treatment, I was good as new, and have had no pain since. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you’ve noticed any change since the first treatment, go for it. If not, I’d stop…just my opinion tho…I’m not a professional. I’m just sharing my experience.



  4. James says:

    I’m all in for a transformation contest, might even get the girlfriend to do it.
    I will need a few pointers as to if I should go up or down a bit in weight, then its on.

  5. Daniel says:

    Regarding supplements shipping to Denmark:
    My local (Gothenburg, Sweden) supplement store ships to Denmark as well. Good products and quite inexpensive, at least their own brand Body Science. The homepage is in Swedish though:

    Also http://www.sshealthfoods.com ships quite cheaply to Denmark, 10£ up to 30 kg.

    Take care

  6. Mark says:

    Just a comment on the question that came up about the CSCS, and the girl asking if she could get by with the 2nd Edition book. In my opinion, yes and no. Yes, if you’re going to take it before July. No, if you’re going to take it after that time. According to the NSCA, that’s when they will switch to 3rd Edition material for their testing.

    I have both editions, and I’ve found quite a few differences so far. For example, a point Jon brought up a couple of episodes ago about how the lactic acid molecule cannot actually exist in the body. In the old edition, they go on and on about lactic acid; how it develops and how it’s cleared, etc etc. In the new edition, they agree that the lactic acid molecule does not exist in the human body and that up till now, people have been using the term mistakenly (including them, I guess). That could be a missed question, right there.

    Hope that helps anyone thinking about taking the test.

  7. ElleEffe says:

    Mike – it’s flzine.com

  8. Stuart says:

    The primary reason that the tabata protocol is hardcore is because the original study was done on trained individuals, people who already had a good base. It is also important to remember that tabata is a protocol not a program.

    A web denizen by the name of Taku created a tabata based program designed to increase conditioning. http://www.hybridfitness.tv/public/98.cfm

    I have done this complete program once and my conditioning went through the roof ( using a stationary bike and a C2 rower, once per machine per week)