Episode 131: The Lightning Round That Wasn’t

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass,

and Leigh Peele


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  • Hey guys, is this where I can ask a question for you guys to answer?This is for John and whoever else.

    Well here goes. I am about to start a lifting / vertical leap program. The lifting portion will either be a format similar to maximum strength or a Westside for Skinny Bastards Template (4 days lifting a week, upper / lower split). The vertical program will consist of sprinting (3-4 times a week) and plyos (1-2 times a week). I try to follow precision nutrition as much as I can. My main goal is to increase strength and vertical within a 3 month period.

    Is it smart to try to do all of this at the same time. I am in pretty good shape. My last year of workouts have been mostly programs written by cressey. Is there an alternative workout plan if what I plan on doing isn’t smart. Any other comments on gaining vertical would be great too.

    Love you guys and looking forward to the answer. Thanks -Aaron

  • FitCast Question- I have a bad low back (L4 L5), but would love to dead-lift. I just purchased a hex trap bar because the description said it’s easier on your low back for dead-lifting, and I would appreciate some input. Anything different to consider when using a hex bar?Great Show, , , Many Thanks, Steve
  • Hi Guys, I am starting out as a personal trainer and was wondering what you, Leigh and John do as part of a complimentary (if you offer that) or your initial session with a new client, i am having trouble converting complimentarys to paying clients, so how do you give potential clients that wow factor and get them to see value in paying for a personal trainer. Thanks for a great podcast i learn new things every week. Corey
    Sunshine Coast
  • I planned to respond to Jon’s question about which listeners are stretching. I know that it is too late, but wanted some feedback about stretching duration. I tore my distal patella tendon about 1 year ago and was able to dodge surgery by aggressive stretching. The ortho Dr. had me stretch 2 x per day quads and hamstrings 10 sets, 30 second holds per leg. 2 months later the tear healed, but the Dr. informed me that as long as I strength train, stretching must be part of my daily routine. I tried to get some maintenance guidelines, but the Dr. really didn’t have any definite advice. I currently still stretch my quads, hip flexors and hamstrings every morning 3 sets of 20 seconds each leg. Then I stretch the entire body after strength workouts (2-3 days per wk) and interval workouts (2-3 days per wk) for about 10-15 minutes to cool down. I’m not trying to discontinue stretching because I have proven that it should be part of my exercise plan, but would really like to know what is adequate for maintenance, or as usual does it depend on the individual. Do I still need to include the AM stretching or is the evening stretching enough? I just want to make sure that I’m not wasting my time going beyond what is necessary. I’m 45 years old and have been training for 5 years.Thanks,
  • Hey everyone, great podcast and keep up the good work. As an endurance runner I usually do a long run every Saturday. This run is usually 18 to 20 miles, so a few week ago that 2 + hour podcast was great. Yet, when I come home from my long run I find it hard to eat enough calories. I know it my sound strange but I have to be eating close to 5000 calories. I was wondering what would be some calorie dense foods that would improve my recovery?? I uusally eat whole wheat and fiber dense food items, but I have found if I try and eat normally (higher fiber) I get a horrible stomach ache. For my recovery immediately post workout is either a cup of chocolate milk or a whey protein powder. Any help would be great.Also is there any specific lifting program that you would suggest for long distance runners?? Specifically that incorporates unilateral movements that will be able to improve running power and strength??

    Thanks guys-Chris

  • Hi Kevin
    not sure if this is the mailbag email address but i thought i would try it.
    i have been getting a few shoulder problems, nothing major, but some sharp pains when back squatting.
    i know the alternative is front squat, but i just cant quite get the movement…
    so far i have abandoned barbell benching and starting using dumbells…
    i also have been doing lots of pushups to try and sort things out.

    do you guys have any ideas?


  • Hello Kevin and Crew,Do you have any recovery tips for making gains in the gym while tending to a newborn? My son is sleeping pretty good and I’m able to get in 3-4 hours of sleep at a time. For my training program I’m doing Waterbury’s Huge in a Hurry Strength program and the workouts are quick and efficient. For supplements I use a multi, vit c and fishoil. I was thinking of trying ZMA for better sleep and Spike to get me through the day and through my workouts. Are there any other supplements you would recommend? Also, what would you think if I consumed a shake during the night when I’m up with my son. Normally, I would not interrupt my sleep to drink a shake but since I’m going to be up I was thinking it would help with recovery. I make a homemade shake consisting of cottage cheese, plain yogurt, milk, berries, olive oil and either walnuts or pine nuts.

    Thanks for any suggestions you may have. -matt

  • I have a question about protein shakes. Do I absolutely HAVE to take them gain muscle and strength? I hate the way they taste. Right now, I’m eating promax protein bars, chicken, and tuna for protein. Is there anything more I can do or any suggestions on other ways to get alot of protein? -Mike
  • Question about jogging. I am 5’6 and 130lbs. i’m looking to get cut. I recently started jogging. Is it more beneficial to jog before I weight train or after? I’ve been jogging about 4 days a week after weight training. And how long/far should I be jogging? -Mike
  • My friend had a baby 6 weeks ago and is having a very hard emotional time dealing with the weight. She’s always been tall and skinny and able to maintain it while eating whatever she wanted and not working out. About 3 years ago she started running and did a triathlon but it was never for weight loss. She has cut baked goods (sweets) down to one time a week and back running and has a half marathon this weekend {which I am very proud of her working back up to doing- she had done 2 previously}.She asked for my advice on how she can loose the weight. My biggest thing has been to tell her that it will take time and remind her that it took 9 months for her body to put it on, it will take some time to get it off. She is really frustrated because (unlike me and lots of our friends) she’s never had to regulate what she eats or worry about her weight. She is eating much better now. I’ve also told her to add in some weights and do some interval training.

    Being that I have never been pregnant, I dont know what to tell her exactly. Can you give me some advice to pass along? I’m sure MSN has lots of weight loss tips from ‘experts’ but I’d like it to come from someone who knows something. 🙂 -Colleen

  • Hi fitcast,I’m a dedicated listener, but have to admit much of the information yall provide goes over my head- I don’t know where to start. In the spirit of your ‘Top 5’ lists, how about a top 5 for the bookshelf- getting started with fitness and nutrition?



  • Hey guys, i was listening to some old episodes of the Fitcast and a couple weeks ago, leigh peele was answering a question on the master cleanse diet. she said it would be better to do the diet with protein shakes, but i did some research, and alot of studies confirm that too much protein can harm your body (more then 30% of your daily calorie intake). I wanted to just clear that up so no one gets hurt. Thanks, you guys rock, and great results on the destination abs thing! -Nick
  • Hi all!! I’m from the UK and have only recently discovered the fitcast, and am currently loing the fact that I have a huge backlog of episodes to listen to during my drive to work!! I’m not sure whether I am writing this question in the correct place or not…I have a question rgarding the debate between cardio and lifting..

    I’v heard you guys talking about how much more effective lifting is compared to cardio in terms of fat loss and I’m wondering exactly why this is. How is it, in terms of physiology, that shifting to a primarily cardio-based regimen to a primarily weights based regimen (with some cardio in still of course..) can be so much more effective? Sorry if this sounds like a really dumb question but I am one of the listeners that is gradually starting to ‘lit like a guy’ rather than engaging in excessive cardio every day.. Is it just purely the muscle gained resulting in an increased metabolic burn? Or is it the actual lifting exercise that burns calories? Maybe you can shed some light onto my ignorance!!

    Thanks very much!

    P.S- please can you let me know how it is that I will receive a reponse- via podcast or via email??

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