Episode 133: Tony Makes a Visit to Talk Shop

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass,

and Tony Gentilcore


Mailbag (Questions@thefitcast.com)

  • Hi gang,
    I e-mailed a couple of weeks back about helping my friend lose some weight. This time it’s a question for me though as I managed to pull my hamstring playing rugby. A little bit of history, a couple of years back I spent a lot of time pulling my hamstrings every other month or so. I started being more diligent with training and stretching on off days, and this is the first time I’ve pulled the hammie in a while. My posterior chain work includes deadlifts, rack pulls, and glute ham raises. Anyways, do you guys have any advice with regards to to rehab and then eventually preventing this from happening again?
    thanks, Blaine
  • Hey Kevin, Great progress on destination abs, keep it up. I heard you mention some special probiotics that Cassandra recommended, and I was waiting to here more. Are they helping you with digestive issues? I have had GI issues for years and am willing to give anything a try. Thanks, Joey
  • Hi, First off I want to say that I really enjoy listening to your podcast. I have learned so much from all of you and look forward to learning something new from each podcast.

    My questions are: I am a 38yr old female and weigh 150lbs. I have high blood pressure and am on medication for this. I would like to lose 10lbs and 10%body fat. I recently signed up with a trainer and feel that he is not taking into consideration my high blood pressure. I have read previously that when someone has HBP they should not lift heavy weights or over exert themselves. Is this true? Also, is there a polite way to ask my trainer about the exercises he has me doing and my HBP? I dont want to make it seem that I am questioning his experience. In addition, any tips for someone with HBP that would like to lose weight and get stronger are welcomed!

    Keep the excellent information coming via podcasts and I look forward to your repsonses. -Shannon

  • Hey guys,
    the last few months i have been swimming, running and stuff like that but I haven’t been in the gym for 6 months! I lost about 20lbs of muscle! All that had to do with some time and health problems (flu >8lbs, stroke >5lbs, exam,…). Everything is OK again! But I just can’t stand what I see in the mirror! I got enought time to work out, I’m healthy and I’m determined!
    My question is how would you start training wise?
    (I think about doing mainly Bodyweight exercises, Core work etc.; basickly light Stuff for the first 1 or 2 weeks and start a Joe DeFranco type of Westside program afterwards.)
    Thank you for your answer!

    best wishes from Steve in good old germany

Round Table: Tony talks about Perform Better RI.

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3 Responses

  1. Weldon says:

    Kevin, WRT sleep: I’ve had success with 5-HTP and Valerian root taken 1-2 hrs before you want to go to bed. Some people (my brother is one) swear by melatonin, but it does not seem to work for me.

  2. BobParr says:

    Hi Kevin,
    In the off-topic, I was happy to hear you mention Sliders. I have fond memories of that show and thought I was one of the few people who thought it was an awesome show. I don’t specifically remember the pilot – just the whole first couple of seasons. They kind of lost it when that beautiful Wade Wells disappeared from the show (she was abducted by the CroMags was the way they wrote it into the plot)and she was replaced by that good-looking but very annoying chick.

  3. Debby in Boring DE says:

    Congrats to Jonathan Fass! (And I enjoyed listening to your interview on “that other show” lol.

    And good job Kevin!

    And I hope Leigh is back next week!!!!!