Episode 134: Punch-Out!! With Dr. John Berardi

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Leigh Peele,

and Dr. John Berardi


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  • Off-Topic T-shirt winner is: mark.seguin19@gmail.com “talk about boobs….”


  • What are the general guidelines for post workout protein and carbs? -@kc5ohg From Twitter
  • I know you guys have talked about Jillian Michael’s Wii game in the past, but I was just wondering are any of these even worth buying/using as a means of actual exercise? -Kim from Toronto
  • Hey Kevin and crew, love the show (especially when Jonathan just loses it lol!), I have a question about types of fat. Should I be taking both flax and fish oils? What about coconut oil? Are there different uses for each? Thanks!Stef- Colorado
  • Hey Kevin, What is this PB2 stuff that you talk about on your Destination Abs blog? Is is a peanut butter substitute or something? -Tom
  • This one is for Leigh- I listened to your binge eating podcast the other day and wanted to know if you could elaborate on the whole “it is OK when your body NEEDS it,” verses when you are just hungry. Keep up the great work guys, and send me a free t-shirt! – Sean
  • Hi FitCast! I am 19 and going to school to get a degree in exercise science to hopefully do what you guys do when I get older. I am still 3 years out from graduating, but I was wondering what some good books would be to increase my knowledge over the summer. And off topic, can you guys talk about your childhood memories of games? I know Tony and Jon both said they played Nintendo or something as kids. – Luke

Questions for John Berardi

  • Here’s a Q about G-flux…
    The principles of energy balance are very intriguing to me right now. I’m struggling severely with a plateau..and I don’t know which way to go.. (No rhyme intended)
    I’m hunting for answers.
    I’m 40 years, 198 lbs. Stuck in the low dbl digits of BF%… I want to bust through down to 7-9 and just maintain. I’d like to stay in the 190’s weight range as it’s a good size for me.
    I’ve been eating super clean for a long, long time and working my a$ off every week on a lot of heavy lifting and metabolic work.
    Cals have been less than 2500 for a very long time. Mostly proteins, fats and fruits and veggies. Very few starch based carbs…occasionally grains. Refeeds once per week on a total day-off.
    I thought that increasing the weekly workload would create the needed deficit and get things moving, but after about a month…no change..other than being very tired and frustrated. My kids haven’t seen me for weeks without a barbell on my back.
    Are the secrets of g-flux what I’m missing here…

    Old and Tired

  • Where do you fall in the sweetener debate? Splenda vs Stevia, which one should I be using as an alternative to sugar? -Sarah
  • I’ve noticed the issue of carb cycling has popped up on the Precision Nutrition boards lately. What are your thoughts on this approach in general, an also how it compares to a ketogenic diet?

    Sydney, Australia

  • Hi Kevin,
    Could you ask John to speak about his vegetarian experiment. Also, could you ask John for his ideas on the best way to cook beans to reduce the amount of “gas” produced during digestion.
    Calgary, Alberta.
  • Having just completed the 2nd cycle of your Lean Eating program, could you share with us what you’ve learned or have been reminded of in the process and how you’ve gone about making it better.

    – Roger

  • Has there been any new studies that have peaked your interest?
  • Now let’s talk about the Lean Eating Coaching Program. What is it and why are you doing it?

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1 Response

  1. Farting…I recently published a podcast about reducing flatulence with beans: http://tinyurl.com/o7oxzr

    Also, here’s a blog post I recently wrote answering a question from an endurance athletes about gas…

    Question: I’ve been a cyclist for 8 years, and the one thing that I’ve really noticed is that I have *way* more gas than all my non-cycling friends. Is it normal for endurance athletes to be excessively flatulent? Is there anything I can do about it?

    Answer: Yes and yes!

    Endurance athletes need heavy amounts of carbohydrate based fuel. When this sugary fuel meets up with the bacteria in your stomach, digestion and fermentation produces CO2 – the gassy bloating bane of cyclists, marathoners and triathletes worldwide!

    Aside from abnormal reasons such as food allergies, insensitivies, and intolerances (i.e. lactate or gluten), heavy flatulence is fairly normal among endurance athletes.

    So what can you do? Here’s my top gas-controlling tips:

    1) Avoid starches if you don’t need them. Standing at Starbucks deliberating between the fat-free muffin and the raspberry oat bar? Not going on a ride or a run anytime soon? Then leave them both and snag the roasted almonds.

    2) Consume digestive enzymes to “pre-digest” some of the carbohydrates before they hit your large intestine. You can find digestive enzymes in many supplements these days.

    3) Pay attention to fiber intake. Just because veggies and fruits are high in anti-oxidants doesn’t mean you have to eat them with every meal. Fiber is also a potent gas contributor, so don’t just eat plants blindly. Note your intake and note your gas tolerance to fiber. Taking Beano before plant-based meals can also help.

    4) Add a little bit of apple cider or wine vinegar to any type of beans, lentils, or legumes during the last 10 minutes of cooking. This helps break down the starches before they reach your gut.

    5) Take Lactaid or DairyEase prior to dairy based meals if you suspect you may be lactose intolerant – and only consume dairy foods that have a high amount of natural sugar enzymes, like yogurt or kefir.

    6) Drink water before or after, but NOT during your meal, as water can “gulp down gas”. Avoid sparkling water and carbonated beverages, especially while eating.

    7) Check your sports supplements, powders, bars and beverages for sugar alcohols like sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol. These are notorious gas producers.

    8 ) Ditch the figs. Despite popular lore that figs, raisins and dates are wonderful convenient energy sources for endurance exercise, any athlete with years of experience will tell you that these dried fruits draw water into the colon, produce boat-loads of gas and are a sure-fire way to give you the trots.

    With a few lifestyle changes, you can beat the gas and still have ample energy stores. Good luck!