Episode 137: No BS with Alan Aragon

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass,

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Alan Aragon Questions

  • Once calories, protein and essential fat is set on a diet, how would you fill in the rest of the calories if one was in a bulk eating above maintenance and minimize fat gain, and how would that change if they were in a deficit and trying to preserve LBM on a cut? -Anonymous (seriously)
  • Lepel Hill (“a lady you have on the show”) recently quoted on her blog (http://www.leighpeele.com/oprah-itunes-and-an-ie6-rebel#more-1686) that Alan Aragon said, “If sloth and gluttony are not factors in obesity, then what is?” That was supposed to be said in his review (of which I do not have access to) titled, “Taubes versus science”. Can Alan clarify that statement in light of the research body that exists finding much to be involved in obesity that has nothing to do with sloth and gluttony? I’d like to hear his no nonsense take on this research, as well as Taubes’ discussion of it.Thanks!-Robert
  • What do you consider to be your most fulfilling moment fitness industry wise and what direction do you see yourself heading within the next few years?P.S. – Your research review is the best thing since Outback Steakhouse.- Roger
  • Alan,How much do you think the ever-evolving field of genetic testing/profiling affect our current understanding and client recommendations for diet and exercise?  I mean, are we really THAT different genetically, or, are we just focusing on the minutia?Love the show,
  • if u had only 5 supplements to take what would they be? and What is the differance between whey and cassien protien is one preferred over the other? -Myron
  • I had some blood work done a few weeks ago and the doc said everything was good but my testosterone levels were low.  This sucks considering I am only 25 years old.  As an anecdotal note, I certainly notice that I have a harder time putting on muscle than my friends I work out with.  Is there anything I can do to boost my testosterone that will actually work.  I’m not asking for anything unnaturally high, just normal would be nice.  Currently I workout heavy and intense and eat a piss load of red meat.  I am not opposed to taking supplements and don’t really want to go the illegal route, but I just want to know my options.  I will be very interested to hear anything you guys can give me. -Matthew
  • Mr. Kevin Larabee and Alan Aragon,
    I have been working out for about three years now and never really put much thought into the idea of post workout protein shakes until about two months ago.  I am already in my ideal physical shape at 5% body fat and I am quite happy with the results that I was getting without the supplement.  However, I was told that it actually helps your muscles recover better resulting in a better workout the next time.  This appealed to me since I do enjoy an intense workout.  Anyways, while at GNC I bought a brand called Power Maxx and paid a fairly steep price.  I saw another brand called 100% Whey Gold Standard for less that had more protein per calorie.  This seemed like it was a more logical purchase but the guy working at the desk said that Power Maxx had a higher amino acid profile.  So my question is… Is there any significant advantage to buying the more expensive Power maxx or is the less expensive gold standard pretty much the same stuff. -Daniel
  • What is your opinion on ZMA? I started taking it to improve my sleep quality and it has worked but could I get the same benefits from a more common (and cheaper) calcium-magnesium-zinc supplement? Is there any good evidence that calcium interferes with magnesium & zinc absorption significantly or that adding b6 vitamin to the mix helps somehow? Also, ZMA’s effects seemed to be stronger in the first few months. I still notice an effect on my sleep if I stop taking it but the difference does not seem to be that big anymore. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time! -PAsi, Finland
  • Hi Kevin,
    Could you ask Alan what he knows about the supplement 7-Keto to help with DHEA production, and if he feels it is beneficial/harmful in any way?  Thanks! -Mary
  • Can you address the general topic of food allergies, food intolerance/sensitivity, or whatever you want to call it? I hear quite a bit of conflicting information about this. Setting aside the obvious allergy situations, like when someone gets hives and breathing difficulties after eating peanuts or shellfish, etc… You hear claims about people being slightly bloated, or feeling sluggish, and so forth because they are unknowingly eating foods that they can’t tolerate. Is there any actual research to support this notion? -Bob
  • Are you familiar at all with the HcG diet? It supposedly involves injections of a hormone made by pregnant women, in order to cause the body to dip into it’s fat reserves. What is your opinion on this? I’ve had several clients ask me about it.Ben
  • Can you ask Alan to explain his research review subscript on for those that might be interested in subscribing?Also, if you subscribe, do you have access to past editions from the beginning?Thanks,

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9 Responses

  1. Derek says:

    I am so glad you finally had Alan on the show. I hope he comes back again. This was one of the best episodes yet. Thanks guys.

  2. Karla says:

    Wow! Lots of amazing information crammed into this hour and a half of recording. I generally do not take the time to listen to Podcasts but am completely blown away by this one. I am a big fan of Mr Aragon already and this recording served to knock my admiration out of the ball park. I want to add my recommendation for the AARR for anyone on the fence or wondering about it. I have been a subscriber now for about 8 months and this is quickly becoming the most valuable resource in my collection.

  3. Josh says:

    What can I say? Alan continues to bless us with his knowledge. Thanks brah!

  4. Emily says:

    Thanks for getting Alan on the show. I’ve been following his material for a long time now, and it’s great to finally hear him speak. His research review is such an incredible resource, there’s really nothing like it out there. Not even close. Rock on, Alan!

  5. Chris says:

    All I have to say is, Alan is the man.

  6. Alan, fantastic work. Your stuff on target body weight changed everything for me when it came to physique recomp. Kevin, I’ve got a direct link to his post up on my website that you can access here – http://www.ryanzielonka.com/archives/5

    Take care!

  7. Kujo says:

    Great show. I hope Alan comes back in the near future.

    However, I lost some respect for Alan for the “I-Robot” recommendation. 🙂 That film sucks.

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