Episode 140: Ice Water Makes You Fat

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Jonathan Fass,

and Leigh Peele (Twitter)

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  • Hi Kevin, Leigh, Dr. J and Tony!
    Hey guys I just thought of something that i would love to see on the show maybe weekly or monthly. Im sure others would love this too.
    Could maybe the 4 of you take turns each week ( or whenever) sharing a favorite recipe or snack idea?
    By the way I found this kick butt cakey meringue recipe     http://eatoxygen.blogspot.com/2009/06/chocolate-meringue.html. It is HUGE!!!! I put PB2 at the end or some natural peanut butter and it awesome.
    keep up the fun to your show, im a huge fan! -Shari
  • I have a question about the benefits and drawbacks of using a juicer for vegetables. I bought a very good juicer about 4 years ago on clearance and it has set on the shelf for about 3 years. I started juicing fruits but come to the conclusion that I would rather eat the whole fruit since it would make me fuller and I felt like I was wasting money and nutrients by throwing out some of the pulp. Now, I have a hard time getting in 3-5 servings of vegetables each day but could easily drink a glass of carrot broccoli juice. I know that eating them raw would be the best choice, but where does juicing stand in the nutrition world.I love the off topic subjects. When Aragon said his buddy’s porno name was Tom Screws, I about lost it. Mine would be Johnny Deep (Johnny Depp) -Jonathan Wiles
  • It is quite possible you have met a lot of my crew over the years as trainers.You know us as the midlifers that defined a bulky phase as “rounding the middle and/or the lower middle”. Now that we lift, push, pull, drag and heave we see that Hollywood Glow in our future …Is there a handful of conditions that a midlifer can use as end goals such as “x% of bodyweight deadlifted 5 times” or “x number of pushups in a row”?In other words is there some “state’ that we can achieve that one could use as a definition of fit as defined by strong and lean?


  • Hi, I am contacting you as a new listener from Manchester, England. Fantastic show and great listening when commuting to and from work. Can you tell me the fitness benefits of taking Glutamine as a supplement? Many thanks Nigel
  • Hi Guys,
    Since I know you love funny gym stories, the other day at my gym (a chain commercial gym) I saw the master trainer having an overweight middle aged woman doing overhead presses with 5 lb weights while walking on the treadmill on an incline. As though that weren’t enough, he has her go on to to do overhead press static holds, lateral raise static holds, and to top off a well rounded workout, tricep kickbacks. All of this while on the treadmill at an incline.

    Anyhow, on to my question. I’ve seen several coaches stress the importance of a training partner, however as a female who lifts weights it is hard to find like minded. Most of my friends think lifting higher than 12 lbs will turn them into Ms. Olympia and girls at my gym only leave the treadmill to go do 100 crunches. Any tips for females on finding a training partner?

    As always, great work on the podcast. Despite the occasional gratuity and fails, you guys are always “on it” whether it’s off topic or not. -Melissa

  • I’m not going to start off by giving you my height, weight, and other measurements; eventually asking you for an exercise prescription after my 400 words.  Instead, I’ll ask a quick question that may be interesting and/or beneficial to other listeners.
    I’m doing my senior project on barefoot resistance training.  I can’t seem to find any articles (like actual peer reviewed articles) on barefoot resistance training or legit research done on the topic (not just Joe IronPumper giving me an endless list of theoretical possibilities and anecdotal evidence).  However, there are tons of articles on barefoot running.  My question is whether you know of any research articles on barefoot resistance training or if there are some commonalities we can carry over between barefoot running and barefoot resistance training, like the ground reaction force.  Also, any direction(s) you can point me in would be extremely helpful.
    You guys are hilarious.
    Word Count: 171
  • Hey,
    WHO: Female, 23 yrs
    I am 5’5 138 lbs, l lost 15 lbs so far and have couple more to go.

    WHAT : I have read this in oxygen magazines and was told by two different people that one should not have cold water after a meal , is that true? I drink 2 cups of cold water after food..
    a) to feel full since i measure my food priror and train my stomach to get used to it
    b) i just get really thirsty.

    Certain ‘magazines’ state that warm water is okay but not cold, for after meals. Is this true?

    I know these are lame questiosn but, I am close to my goal and need to tweak everything i can.

    PS: you guys are hillarious!! you should start off the topic rants podcast…find it funny always! i like star trek but not a call of duty fan , love gears of war 2 instead 🙂 -AJ

  • Hi guys and gal of the Fitcast,Thank you for the work you put into this podcast, it makes for a hilarious learning experience. Last weeks discussion on the state of the fitness industry is another fine example of the brilliance of your collective minds. Hopefully, this is the start of widespread evaluation and improvement of the industry. Before I get onto my question, I have to let you know, Kevin, that thanks to your video the Tony Genticore is an international phenomenon. Last week I saw a guy in my gym in Sydney (Australia) doing explosive calf raises off a block in the smith machine, with a belt on.For the past year my training programs have been Starting Strength/Practical Programming based with squats, benches, rows and deadlifts, ad nauseum. Recently, a peculiar problem in my squatting has appeared. I squat with a shoulder-width stance and below parallel, faithful to the Starting Strength model. In the concentric phase I sometimes find that my right heel comes slightly off the ground while my left one is firmly planted. I am right-handed and right-footed and, to my knowledge, I don’t favour one side over the other. On the contrary, I get a lot of comments from the powerlifters in my gym about my form being “textbook”. Any avenues to look into would be much appreciated.Thanks,

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4 Responses

  1. The guy who’s right heel is lifting during the squat may also want to look into a possible functional leg length discrepancy and anterior/posterior hip rotation…

  2. Weldon says:

    I saw Transformers 2 and found nothing offensive in it. The Autobot twins were hilarious, and the audience laughed every time they came on screen…

  3. Weldon says:

    Oh, and we need more questions read in an English accent! That was hysterical!

  4. Simon says:


    With regards to studies on barefoot resistance training, Pavel Tsatsouline writes about the benefits in one of the articles in Beyond Bodybuilding

    Tsatouline, P. (2005) “The Presence of Power, and Three Super Squat Techniques to Develop it” in Beyond Bodybuilding, St Paul, Dragondoor p 25-29

    He quotes the following studies/articles:

    Robbins S. Hanna A. and Gouwa G. (1988) Overload Protection: Avoidance Response to Heavy Plantar surface loading. Med. & Sci. Sports Exerc. 6:253-259

    Guyton A. (1984) Textbook of Medical Physiology 6th Ed. Philidelphia: WB Saunders Co.

    Verkoshansky Y. & Siff M. (1996) Supertraining: Special Strength Training for Sports Excellence 2nd Ed.Whitwatersand, South Africa.


    If you live in Manchester and are an informed Fitcast listener, you should check out Primal Fitness gym just outside the city centre. Its a proper gym with plenty of power racks, kettlebells and useful stuff plus trainers that know what to do with it!

    Keep up the good work Fitcast team.