Episode 149: Dave Tate Under the Bar

Warning: Contains Explicit Language this week.

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter) and Dave Tate

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Interview with Dave Tate

  • Hi Dave, big fan of EliteFTS. I’m currently working my way through Get Strong(er) and getting my ass handed to me at each workout (you’re a sadistic bastard BTW). Ran into a snag when my 2-yr old labral tear took a turn for the worse and now I’m having surgery to fix it. I think I read something at EliteFTS that you’re currently going through a fairly significant shoulder injury as well and contemplating having it fixed. If this is the case, how would you modify your training program during the months of rehab work that is necessary for shoulder recuperation? Thanks much. Kyle
  • Following up to Kyle’s question, can you talk a little bit about your Strong(er) program as phase 3 just came out?
  • I’ve enjoyed your articles for some time, but I really got a lot out of the video article about the bench press you did for T-nation a couple of months back. One of the most surprising tips to me was to bring the bar down to the point on your torso that aligns with your elbows. Well, my arms are pretty damn long, and my elbows line up just a little above my bellybutton! Strange as it felt, I was surprised how I also felt more stable and stronger immediately. (I’m still weak as hell, but not quite as much!)My question now regards grip width. I’ve always taken a fairly narrow grip and tucked my elbows when benching to protect the shoulders. (Index finger of each hand almost touching the central, smooth area of the bar.) But, I’ve been seeing photos of powerlifters (not bodybuilders) who grip the bar considerably wider than that – sometimes out to the rings. Is there a good rule of thumb for determining grip width based on people’s individual structure, or is it a case of choosing a width that feels stable and comfortable as long as it’s not too narrow or too wide?Thanks!Bob
  • I wanted to ask, what are the biggest mistakes that he sees novice lifters make as far as training goes? -Matt
  • Dave, you have always said to do the stuff you suck at, in your experience from helping others, what do you find people need to work on most?
  • Hey Dave, love your articles and bench manual. I need your advice, I am putting together a home gym to spend more time with my family (my gym is 20 minutes away). If you had $1500-$3000 (depending on what the wife will let me get away with) to spend on equipment what would you get? I have plenty of room in my cellar and a pretty high ceiling (about 10ft). Thanks! -Paul
  • Can you talk about the Lift Strong line at EliteFTS?
  • Who is Bob Youngs?
  • What is coming down the road? Do you have any articles, seminars, or other content the listeners should keep an eye out for?

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4 Responses

  1. Craig says:

    That interview was awesome. It was worth waiting all these months to get Mr.Tate.

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks Kevin for the interview with Dave, enjoyed it a lot. Went on line while listening and ordered some tshirts from the Lift Strong line.

  3. Likhi says:

    Great interview and very motivational; ironically, the segment on his shoulder injury and rehab pushed me through a few sets of deadlifts.

  4. Simon says:

    Dave “Don’t listen to me in the kitchen” Tate was great to listen to, very motivational, made me pumped to head into the gym.