Episode 15: Shugart Nation

Download Episode 15 here: TheFitCast015.mp3

Guest this week: Chris Shugart from T-Nation.com

  • Intro
  • FitCast NEWS
    • Episode 16 next week will be filmed in Denver. Both a video version will be up on www.thefitcast.com and also as always the audo will be on iTunes, Podcast Alley, ect.
    • We have about 8-10 episode of Video content planned to be filmed this weekend.
    • TheFitCastMag.com Reviews
    • CassandraForsythe.com– Cassandra’s New Website!
    • FitCast Photos Updated.
  • Shakes of the Week
    • Chris’ Nuclear Sunrise
      • 1 Scoop BioTest Premium Whey.
      • 1 Package of Morning Spark (from Wal-Mart)
      • Some Orange Crystal Light is optional
    • Kevin’s Super Root Beer Protein Shake
    • John’s Attempt at a Good Shake
      • Pomegranate Juice (1 cup?)
      • 1 serving Blue Berries and Cream Muscle Milk
  • NEWS
  • Roundtable with Chris Shugart
    • How about some info on the upcoming Velocity Diet Book?  And how are you going to market this book to the everyday person wanting to lose fat fast?
    • In your blog, we sometimes get a peek at your views on the psychological and mental aspects of dieting and lifting.  How do you think people can make it a lifestyle, rather than something they hate but force themselves to do?
    • JP asks: I love Chris’s writing style. I’d actually like to know more about his background in journalism, and what led him to T-nation?
    • Tell us about your Undercover Weiner Article
    • Lou Schuler asks: I’m curious to hear your views on steroid use by average meatheads who just use them for cosmetic purposes. Chris is one of the few guys out there writing about training who’s actually tried steroids, so I think his opinion is valuable. And T-nation is traditionally honest about the pros and cons of steroid use.
    • RacerBill asks: I’d like to hear more about his transformation from FFB (former fat boy) to today. Were there setbacks along the way, lags in motivation, tough times with friends and family, and what did you do to overcome those?

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1 Response

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m doing the Velocity Diet and it is a killer, but seems to be working well. I really, really enjoy these podcasts and appreciate your effort to bring real, useful information from the experts to the masses.