Episode 150: The Best of Show with Lou Schuler


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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Dr. Jonathan Fass,

and Lou Schuler

Best Moments

  • My favorite Fitcast moment since I discovered it has been in Episode 136 – Timestamp – 1:48:29 to 1:50:24 where Dan John talks about looking at your goals and how a lot of people have no idea what their goal really is. Thanks P.S. There was also a hilarious moment where you (Kevin) started the off topic like it was a normal Fitcast and you were like “Welcome to episode SHIT!” No idea what episode that was though.
  • Several things Jen Heath said in older episodes have helped me :Episode 83 around the 9 minute mark on cottage cheese got me eating CC everyday.
  • Hey Kevin!I just found you guys this past summer, and so I’m still making my way backwards through all the podcasts from Day 1, but I have to say my absolute favourite moment is during Episode 140, at 22:02 minutes into the podcast.  Jonathan started to read the letter, but then you took over and read the question in an English accent…oh my gawd, I still get the belly chuckles and giggles when I hear this. I keep this podcast on my ipod so that I can listen to it at random when I need a good pick-me-up after a bad day.

    Especially at the end when you start the random stuff by throwing out the Posh references, Man U and the best…”we’ll go to a football game and listen to the Clash!”


  • Hey kevin and gang,
    I have two personal favorite episodes. The most memorable funny episode i was unable to find which episode number it was but i remember i had to pull over while driving to work because i was laughing so hard. In the episode jon fass was telling a story about how one of his clients  was trying to impress a girl in the gym and he accidentally farted while doing an ab exercise on the floor. The way jon told the story had me rolling. The other one that sticks out in my mind was coach boyles knowledge bomb on how to handle setting up a class for obese kids. It was episode 75 about 20:52 min in to the show. Its becoming a widely discussed topic in America and i think he really hit the nail on the head with his answer.
    Keep up the great work.
    Buffalo ny
  • Hey guys–You may remember me as the guy who risked humiliation by asking about grip aids for deadlifting, only to be rewarded with Kevin commenting on the lady-like suppleness of my hand flesh. Thanks for the advice, and the vote of confidence in my manliness. When I was done crying, I bought straps and they work great.

    Anyway, here are two clips I liked, one funny, one informative.

    Funny: Ep. 125 (Caution while Crunching). Fass discusses an unfortunate and badly timed crunching mishap at the 8:40 mark.

    Informative: Ep. 92 (Welcome Back Waterbury). Waterbury discusses lift tempo and motor unit recruitment at the 5:03 mark (runs to 8:20). -MT

  • Episode 14, 39:08-39:36 -Erica (AC about squats)
  • Hey Kevin
    THIS episode blew me away! It really is what has changed in my life and i never knew what NEAT was, I always thought that if I worked hard in the gym i was GOOD for the day.
    SO that being said Episode 101
    start time was around the 3 minute 33 secons mark!
    THANKS -Shari
  • The best motivation to do anything: “I have to because Leigh has compromising pics of me….”
    Episode #124, 18:03–
  • Episode 138 BTTF II discussion at 1:59:46Episode 137 Alan Aragon’s top 5 supplements at 31:31Episode 130  Jon’s answer re lumbar stability at 45:00 -Anna Pelzer
  • Episode 72 41:22-43:58Because it just makes sense dam it. People call it intuitive training or auto-regulation. How about common sense? Yes you need a plan, but you also have to be flexible within that plan and “know” your athletes/clients. Dos gets this idea across with perfect clarity! Great reminder! -Dustin
  • Episode 119, 28:50 – 29:12 -Robert
  • Kevin,My favorite moment was episode 145 with Mike Robertson and his response to the question (yes, it was mine) regarding his toughest challenge with clients being diet, and it continued with good rants and info from you regarding your ‘even a caveman can do it’ diet document that you give your clients.

    Time- 15:01 – 22:00 ( but continues till 27:00 with good transition to the Time magazine article)

    You da man!

    Jimi Varner

  • Hi Kevin,I’m so psyched for the big 150! Here are a couple clips to consider…

    1. Episode 24 – Rachel Cosgrove & 5 best lifts/movements for women @ 35:49

    2. Episode 100 – Tom Venuto & you discussing fruit and fructose @ 1:05:32

    Thanks for all your hard work. The Fitcast is top notch!


  • Hey Kevin,I was re-listening to some older episodes, and I remembered the episode in which Tony made the point of “eating your damn cottage cheese,” (Episode 61). Ever since then I have been eating it like a child eats candy. This would be a good one to put on ep. 150 because I think it would be good to kind of reiterate this point. The time stamp is 8:40.

    Thanks. -Shane

  • Two of the funniest moments on FitCast (happened conveniently on the same episode):
    Episode 104:
    kevinlarrabeecantsaymyfunckingurl.com on timestamp 2:23-3:10
    – Jessica Biel talk on timestamp 24:50-25:17. The way Leigh responds with “I’d hit that” without missing a beat is PRICELESS 😀

    There are too many good knowledge bombs to mention but besides that I have to say that I really liked how eloquently Tom Venuto responded to question about steroid use on episode 146, timestamp 44:25 – 45:09. -Pasi

  • episode 92 // time 5:32 Waterbury saying tempo lifting has set back weight lifting 10 years -Kevin
  • Hey Kevin,
    Love the show, I hope your having snippets of off-topic for episode 150 aswell. Either way you need to put the Tom Screws story by Alan Aragon, that is absolute gold.

    Timestamp Episode 137 1:39:30

    haha makes me laugh when I just think of it.

    Adam Pirri

  • Geez Kevin, so unfair limiting us to just one favourite moment!!! But I can’t go past Episode 143: Baseballs and Southerners, and John Fass’s response to the one and only Tracy Anderson! It starts at the 13 minute mark of the episode, with my all-time favourite J.Fass comment being at 13:28!!! I nearly pee’d my pants listening to that one!Thanks for 150 farkin’ awesome episodes of The Fitcast Kevin. -Kimberly

  • I know it’s not a pre-100 episode, but I think you should play the clip where you hang up on Jon for giving away secrets you didn’t know for a new video game. It’s episode 135, in the off topic, around 1:45:30-ish. You have to include the part where Leigh says “Great Scott, Kevin”! Oh yeah, Back to the Future movies are awesome!
  • Hey Kev and the gang,
    I’ve been a listener since day one and remember when Kevin first brought up the idea for the show on the JP fitness board. With 150 shoes approaching, one thing I can say is hat the content and show quality just keeps getting better so kudos to you!

    Anyway, One of my favorite shows was 114 for a couple reasons. On a searious note, as a trainer I thought that the question and detailed responses on training someone with elevated BP (time stamp ~28:30) was great as this is one type of disorder ANY trainer will encounter at work. Knowing how to work with this population safely is key and your show did a great job at covering it (especially Jon’s response).

    Secondly, on a lighter note, I laughed my ass off when I was driving to school and you decided you could always use some more “toot” in your day (~56:50)… classic fail.

    Keep up the good work, can’t wait for the show.

    Bill Lyon, CSCS, NSCA-CPT & current DPT student

  • Hey Kevin I heard on the last episode that you wanted timestamps for our favorite fitcast moments.  I am still trying to find all the ones I originally sent but I figured I would send the ones I found so far in case I don’t find them all.

    Episode 104 – The moment I fell for Leigh.  24:51 – 25:17

    Episode 101 – PB2 Chocolate Souflee’ 48:00 – 51:48

    Episode 136 – Dan John, Do your behaviors match your goals? 1:39:49 – 1:40:42



  • Hey Kev -How about these –

    Episode 90 – “Kevins Antics” – Time 51:00-51:40
    – This is the time where Jimmy actually hung up the phone and you told everyone to email him. I thought that was funny!

    Episode 91 – Future of MMA Training – Waterbury  –
    Time – 16:31-20:49
    – – – I found this one very informative and helpful! You have to get him back on!

    Hope this helps!

    Best Regards,


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6 Responses

  1. shari3boys says:

    awesome cant wait to listen to it!

  2. Rob says:


    I thought you were kidding when you said you were buying “www.kevinlarrabeecantsaymyf***ingurl.com”
    but apparently I was wrong. Nice photo of Kevin by the way…


  3. Kujo says:

    HIAH is great. I’ve done the Get Big Program. Currently on Get Lean. Highly recommended.

    Nice show.

  4. Kimberley says:

    I nearly pee’d myself all over again… Visual images of Tracy Anderson knitting herself a brain!

    I also just remembered the episode when after (something like) requesting off topic topics, one of your genius listeners suggested quite simply… “Boobs”.

  5. Best moment? Three words from Leigh Peele: “Great Scott, Kevin!”

    OK, not really the best, but it’s the only one I scanned back to, to hear again.

  6. Robert says:

    AH! I can’t believe I didn’t send this one to you. Episode 9 with Eric Cressey, 32:16 to 47:00. EXCELLENT discussion.