Episode 151: Alwyn Cosgrove Exiled? And Chris Frankel on TRX

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Cassandra Forsythe,

and Leigh Peele


Alwyn Cosgrove and Chris Frankel of FitnessAnywhere.com

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  • Episode 150 Feedback
  • TRX Interview with Chris Frankel after Alwyn
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  • Dan John Kettlebell DVD
  • Shout out to my client Kara who is getting married and lost 60 lbs!
  • What up Leigh?

Q&A with Alwyn Cosgrove

  • What kind of progressions do you take with your clients who come to you in an obese state?
  • Can you give some examples of weight training circuits you use as finishers or in place of intervals on a bike or elliptical. And if you have a client twice a week, and they had no injuries, mobility problems or health risks, would you use weighted circuits or complexes instead of sprints or machine based cardio?
  • A little over a year I go I got to try out the quad blaster that Tom Venuto sent over to you. Over the last 15 or so months, what is your conclusion as it’s merits in a training facility?
  • It has been a while since we last talked, how do you feel the fitness industry has changed or evolved (or devolved) this last year? Will the commercial gym become extinct?
  • My question has to do with pre-workout nutrition.  I’m transitioning back from maintenance into a deficit, and I’m concerned about energy levels for my workouts.  Have you found any particular macro-nutrient ratios to be effective for pre-workout, and would I change those up for a strength session versus a HIIT session?  Thanks again for your help! -Anna
  • Hi Alwyn, love your work and I always learn a lot when I read your blog or articles!My question is related more to the business side of training. Often, you have emphasized how the future of personal training lies in small group classes rather than one-on-one. From an economic standpoint, this makes perfect sense.But any trainer is likely to encounter a very wide range of fitness levels when presented with a group of new clients. It’s kind of like being a schoolteacher faced with a classroom where some of the children haven’t yet learned to read and others are already at the college level.Aside from varying fitness starting points, any good trainer will also perform a thorough assessment of each new client and and create a program to address that client’s specific issues. How do you go about structuring a group program that addresses each individual’s weaknesses/imbalances/etc.?Thanks,Bob
  • Hey guys great show.  Word up Leigh.
    Alwyn what is your price structure for your semi-privates and classes.  How does it change if someone wants to do both, and why do you use this particular structure?  When you pay your trainers, do you go off of a percentage or a salary? Also, when is the new “Program Design Manual”  coming out?

    JJ Miller

  • You read a lot, often outside of the lifting realm. What are you reading now that’s good? -Robert
  • In terms of equipment it seems you are a fan of the TRX, have any other new pieces of equipment become staples in your client’s training? And on a side note, what are your favorite exercises to use the TRX for?
  • Now when it comes to kettlebells, again what are the exercises you use most frequently? And do you use use the KBs in a circuit of movements for metabolic training?
  • Can you give us an update on LiftStrong? It seems that the EliteFTS line has been selling well. What is the future of Lift Strong?


Interview with Chris Frankel

  • What TRX Suspension Training is
  • How Chris is involved with Fitness Anywhere
  • how we see ourselves fitting into the industry in general and across programming for fitness, performance and rehab.

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2 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    Wait, let me get this straight – Alwyn Cosgrove and Leigh Peele were hassling Cassandra about her Canadian accent, as if they don’t have accents of their own? Sheesh!! Don’t put up with that, Cassandra – if they keep it up just challenge them to visit Northern BC… in January! Canola fields are a beautiful sight.

    Great show, guys. Great questions, and Alwyn had great answers as always. Please don’t exile him again for another 10 months – let him back much sooner than that!

  2. Bob Parr says:

    Thanks for a great episode! Sorry I caught it a little late. I really appreciate the time you all took with my question to Alwyn. I just wish the podcast were interactive – because I desperately wanted to clarify that I didn’t mean in any way to attack Alwyn’s concept of group training!! Since I’ve never witnessed this kind of training being done, I just didn’t have a clear mental concept of how it would work in actual practice.

    I really appreciate the explanations and insights from all of you. Keep up the terrific work, and please invite Alwyn and Cass back soon.