Episode 155: Be the B.I.T.C.H. with Rachel Cosgrove

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter) and Rachel Cosgrove

Q&A with Rachel Cosgrove

  • 1. Any tips for preparing for a 50km (fund raising) walk in 1 years time?2. The trendy girls at work have upper arms the size of my wrists with no muscle mass at all. Their arms are like little chicken wings, skinny and weak! 🙂
    However the stronger I get the more I feel like the Incredible Hulk as my clothes get tighter and tighter.

    So do you have any tips for dressing for the office as a fit chit?


  • Hi, I hope it’s not too late, but I have 2 questions about triathlon training for Rachel. I’ve done a couple of sprint triathlons, and I really want to try to place in two of them next summer, as well as increase my endurance so I can try an Olympic distance tri.Swimming used to be my weakest sport of the three, but I worked at it last year and was able to do the 1/2 mile in about 16-17 minutes. Unfortunately, I won’t have access to a pool until March or April. Can you recommend any strength or cardio work that can help me, so I’m not starting from scratch again in the spring?Also, I’m NOT a runner at all, and tend to get hip bursitis from time to time. I’m fine running a 5K, but have never really been able to run farther than that. What’s the best way to work on increasing my distance to a 10K without injury, so I can do an Olympic tri?

    Thanks so much, I LOVE the Fitcast! -Carrie

  • Hi everyone,I am really enjoying the fitcast, and I wish I’d discovered it earlier.  I learn so much every time I listen.  You guys rock!I have a question about transitioning off of a pre-contest diet.  I compete in my final fitness model competition (of 3 this year) next weekend, and I am getting nervous about transitioning off my pre-contest diet.  I have so far been really dilligent about not to to gaining too much weight between competitions, but I have had gaps of less than three months between them.  This next gap will be much longer, as I will likely not compete again until next summer.

    I lost 30 pounds in january, and this year was the first time that I have competed, and I’m not sure what to do when competition season is over.  I work out at home without a trainer, and have been using The New Rules of Lifting for Women as my guide.   I plan on continuing with my weightlifting program and I know that I need to comsume more calories than I am consuming now if I want to gain muscle.  But I don’t want to blimp up in the off season and then have to drop a ton of weight all over again.

    My diet right now is fairly low carb and high protein, with most of my carbs consumed around workouts.

    Any suggestions or stragegies that you have would be awesome.

    Thanks so much for your help!

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