Episode 158: Turkey Day Rehab with Nick Tumminello

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Dr. Jonathan Fass,

and Nick Tumminello


Interview with Nick Tumminello

  • Waz up guys!! My name is John Corona I’m 22yrs old  5’10 about 200lbs and around 12%bf. My questions for Nick are:
    First What type of workouts or rep range do I need to do to increase my pull ups? since I’m only able to do like 10 the first set than it goes downhill after the first set. usually I do like 10,8,8,6 forcing it. I looking forward to change my cycle to strength training in the next following weeks so I need some advice.
    Second. I haven been dealing with what I believe is achilles bursitis for about six months. For the last three months I haven’t run since the back of my heel starts to hurt mostly when I decelerate (I play soccer) I don’t have medical insurance so I haven’t gone to the Dr. but I went to a chiro but it was much help. So any advice on what type of rehab work should I do or what type of professional should I go see since I sure who to go to? Thanks guys great work!!!. Happy Thanks Giving…


  • Hi, I would like to know your approach to dealing with clients that have disk herniations in the L5 S1 region.What would be your typical approach to aiding a client to recovery.
    Do you use the FMS on a regular basis with your clients/athletes?, and if so what are the most common weaknesses/imbalances you find?
    Cheers -Craig
  • Fat-Loss Complexes
  • Hi,

    What exercises/strategies do you use with shoulder and t-spine mobility issues? I understand that each individual is different but are there some things you find yourself using time and again with most of your clients? Thanks for your time!


  • Let’s talk about fat-loss since the holidays are here. How do you go about programing for fat-loss with your clients?

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