Episode 165: Don’t Edit That Out!

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Dr. Jonathan Fass,

Tony Gentilcore, and Leigh Peele


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  • (For Leigh) Krill Oil? Your thoughts? -Kevin
  • (Leigh) Hey Guys, WHAT UP LEIGH. Im wondering if you guys can help me out with my morning reutine. I have joined the rest of america and am looking to lose some fat. I am making decent progress and understand the importance of a large protein rich breakfast. However, I normally wake up at 6 am and grab a cup of coffee and take my dog on about a 45 minute walk each morning. I then come in and cook some mix of Eggs, oatmeal, dry waffles, and yogurt depending on the day. Im wondering, am I hurting myself by not getting food in my system a bit earlier? Im usually sitting down to eat around 7:20 am. I struggle to do much more than put on clothes and grab the coffee at 6…..Am I sacrificing some gains with this? Also, my girlfriend has recently began working out with me and finds front squats horribly uncomfortable, not due to lack of mobility more like “ouch this bar sitting here hurts”…..any suggestions to help with that too? THANKS love the show, keep it up
  • (For Kevin Tony)What up guys, and Lepple Hill. I have been following your pod cast on I-Tunes for a while. I have never heard you talk about the LL Cool J Platinum Workout. Maybe because it was published in 2007 and I wasn’t listening then, and I just now read the book. After reading the book I think you all would approve of it, but I was hoping to get some feed back. I am starting it today. My stats…30 years old 6′-0″ 255 lbs and according to the trainer at the gym and the hand held body fat machine, I have 187 lbs lean mass. Not that impressive, but that is down from 285 and not being able to do a single push up. I am looking to maybe gain a little more mass and get down to about 215. I would like to be walking around at about 215 with the ability to drop to 205 and have about a 9% body fat for times when I am going to the beach. Will this plan work for me? I eat well about 75-80% of the time, and when I get motivate it goes up to about 85-90%. Now that football season is almost over I won’t be sitting on the couch eating pizza every Sunday….GO COLTS!!! -Mike Anderson
  • (For Tony) Hi guys,I’ve been weight training for several years, and after listening to your podcast have recently switched from a 5-day bodybuilding style split to a 3-day-per-week full body regimen.I’m 38 year-old male, 5’9″ and currently 140 lbs. As you can imagine I’m a classic ectomorphic hard-gainer, but have very good muscle definition (think: Bruce Lee type build). I had managed to bulk up to 155 lbs in my early 30s, but now suffer from both G.E.R.D (acid reflux disease) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, so eating in a consistent caloric surplus isn’t feasible for me as it’s too hard on my digestive system. With the help of an RD, I’ve tailored a very clean diet at caloric maintenance levels to both manage these problems and stay as healthy as possible. At this point in my life I’m primarily interested in maintaining my physique while hopefully still increase strength.My question is this: is it possible to continually make progressive gains in strength without adding lean mass to my frame? In other words, will I be able to consistently add load onto my bench, squat, deadlift, etc., or will I plateau at a certain point staying at my current body composition?Any advice and/or lifting protocols you can suggest are greatly appreciated.

    Seattle, WA

  • (For Kevin/Jon) Hey Guys,What is your opinion on the best way to warm up for a 1 rep max?Specifically I am wondering about the dead life, bench and squat.Typically I do some dynamic warm up, coupled with warm up sets. Anything specific you can recommend?Thanks!
  • (For Jon) Hey Kev and Dr. Fass and of course What up leigh!
    I have a few questions about thoracic and shoulder mobility. While doing side lying thoracic twists or the seated thoracic rotation test from magificient mobility, I find that I cannot rotate to the left any where near as much as I can rotate to the right. It does not seem to be affecting my training but I was wondering If this is something to be concerned of in the future. Also, I lack mobility in my right shoulder. I can rotate my left arm behind my back and reach up past my mid right scapula but when trying to reach my right arm around I can’t even reach half way up my back. I do feel minor pulling and pain in the front of my shoulder while doing this and my arm simply does not want to go any further. I have been to a physical therapist for a cervical disk herniation, and while in for, that I mentioned the lack of mobility to him. He gave me a few home exercises to do but it doesnt seem to be helping as far as lack of thoracic rotation or shoulder mobility. Also, I sometimes have what feels like an impingement in the front rotators of that same problem shoulder and when doing these stretches and mobility exercises it feels as if something is slipping and popping around in there. I’ve been to a highly recommended orthopedic surgeon who had an mri done and he said the mri showed nothing of concern just some “minor rotator wear”. I was wondering what your take on these issues was and what ideas you have for me to improve my imbalances. I train 3 -4 days per wk usually using one of cosgrove or ballantynes programs as well as mobility and soft tissue work as much as I can. Sorry for such a long question keep up the great podcast I listen every week.

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