Episode 17: John Sullivan

Episode 17 can be downloaded here: TheFitCast017.mp3

  • Intro
  • FitCast NEWS
  • NEWS
    • John’s Steroid Article (no link)
  • Roundtable: Q&A with John Sullivan
    • Lisa: I’d like to hear him talk about the new gym, Excel.
    • Rockhard: We all know that nutrition is important for health and appearance, but do you feel it has a lot of impact on your strength levels? If you aren’t overly concerned with a six-pack, would a plate full of wings accompanied by an apple and a bowl of veggies be acceptable to you as a strongman and powerlifter?
    • NewLife: I’d like to know what Johns take is on gear. Does he think one should train with belts and wraps if one tends to train “heavy”.
    • Also wonder if he has any info on, or if he uses a BCAA daily.
    • Irishdazza: What’s the longest you’ve ever been stuck on a strength plateau? How did you break it? How did your gains progress afterwards?
    • emartin: what does your typically daily diet look like? How many calories, breakdowns, etc. Or do you really keep track? Thanks!
    • Mindpower: What is the best way to get started with strongman type training?,
    • Galya: In the strongmen world, what are common backgrounds for competitors

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