Episode 171: Perform Better 2010…Turbo Charged!

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter) and Dr. Jonathan Fass

FitCast NEWS

  • Shirts restocked for women’s sizes and Mediums!
  • Shout out to Kim, Vince, and Eric, Andrew
  • TRX Gift Certificate

Perform Better Shop Talk

Todd Durkin

  • What it takes to be successful in life: Training and Conditioning, Business, Self
  • What Do your clients love to do?
  • 1% better
  • Creating Energy
  • Treating your clients
  • Taking Care of your people, take care of you
  • And Then Some

Grey Cook

  • Softcore vs hardcore
  • Babies: crawl before they sideplank
  • Deal with their weakest links, not their imperfections/when we assess we go overboard

Thomas Plummer

  • We returned to where we were 150 years ago
  • Train your clients like athletes?

Mike Boyle

  • Warming Up

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23 Responses

  1. Blaine says:

    Just posting a comment to see if I can win that “$100” gift certificate!

  2. Lynda says:

    Kevin, The Fitcast is taking over the world, I spotted a t-shirt at my gym yesterday! (in Toronto, Canada), way to dominate!

  3. Robert says:

    A FitCast shirt spotted in Canada?? Hell, I haven’t seen one here in the States yet. I don’t know what I’d do if I saw someone wearing it. That would just be awesome.

  4. Mark says:

    Looking forward to a Todd Durkin interview with the Fitcast!
    Great job calling out Jonathan on the T Shirt, lol.

  5. Joaquin says:

    Kevin, you need to do your shows on Spike from now on, that was hilarious.

  6. Deb Rountree says:

    I need to order a T-shirt! Your shows only get better and better. And John Fass has the sexiest voice…honestly I listen to it just for that, sometimes!

  7. Derek says:

    Lookin forward to listening at the gym, hope Im not let down, you’ve built it up with the Spike comments on facebook! 🙂

    I’ll be sure to comment back with your grade after I listen 🙂

  8. Jonathan says:

    Kevin you and the gang always put on a great show, but when you are on spike it’s over there is no competion out there for the show. lol.. Though around here in my town not many people know bout the podcast I think I may need a shirt to represent and get more people to hear the show. I always tell my clients about the show.

  9. Mark D says:

    G’day Kevin,

    This week’s show was great to listen to – its good to see (hear) you getting inspired about things – you talked about ( i think it was Todd?) getting into his gym and being positive around & with his clients. Its kinda cool that the effect of the Perform Better seminar is having the same effect on you – that same inspirational energy was definitely tumbling out of you on that podcast. (OK, it might have just been the Spike double-shot, but either way, the energy was definitely there!). The 1% idea is a gem.

    When you were talking about the movement screen, I was thinking: “uh-oh, some crazy person is going to misinterpret what you are saying, and start a pointless flame/war on the site about a minor point of detail”… I guess we shall see… With any luck if it does happen, it will hopefully remain civil! Maybe you might be able to line up Gray Cook as a guest on the show?

    Also was great to hear the good Dr Fass chill out a bit around training protocols – the “must do & do not” Dr Fass of old, vs the new “yeah, if you really want to do it, throw it in, as long as its not going to undermine your goals/training needs”.

    The only thing that was missing this week: Leigh! Hey Leigh – waddup?


    Mark D.

  10. Sarah Virth says:

    Spike show was hilarious. Could not stop laughing. Poor John…he just sat back and listened. lol

  11. Terry Saunders says:

    G’day All.

    Great show this week.

    The old school workout items you where trying to remember I think are Indian Clubs.

    Search for DIY Strength equipment and you can get some ideas about how to make them and some other fun stuff to challenge your training.

    PS. One of those who at 37 is thinking about becoming a personal trainer.

  12. Mark says:

    What up guys? Love the show. Kev, I’m glad you got your time in order…

  13. Alex Europa says:


    I just wanted to point out that in Episode 139 you said that Avatar was going to flop….ummm, oops? Good call on that one. 🙂

    Terry is right, they are called Indian Clubs. This link shows Louis Simmons using them for shoulder rehab:


    Oh, and the FitCast rocks. 😀

    – Alex

  14. Mindy says:

    Just found your podcast and love it. I’m just a “client” of another trainer but you let me know what I should expect!

  15. Leland F says:

    I just started looking into the TRX bands/straps a couple of days ago. I’m in college and I just cant in good conscience spend two hundred bucks on them. Its a pretty awesome coincidence a few days later your offering this gift card to alleviate some of the cost. so sign me up haha. Love your podcast 🙂

  16. Jeff H. says:

    Liked the Todd Durkin segment. My first exposure to Todd was through a TRX DVD team sports. Great motivator. Keep up the good work on the podcast

  17. Derek says:

    Great show, you’ve inspired me to buy some spike 🙂

  18. Krista says:

    Great podcast this week, I loved the info from Perform Better!! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Brandon says:

    What up Kevin,

    I never post but I listen to the podcast all the time, its one of my favorite fitness podcast. There are not many people in my life that think dead lifting is cool. So I get alot of motivation from listening to shows like the fitcast. Keep up the good work.

    Stats: 5’8″ 39yr male 171 Lbs (lost 33 Lbs since March 2009), current work out 5-3-1, Goal is to join 1000 lbs club (current bench 230, squat 245, deadlift 285)

  20. Macky says:

    Kevin…Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Next time your crazy mind ventures into the realm of two Spikes…wrap the second glorious spike in a medium sized T-shirt, preferably a FitCast T, and go ahead and take the temptation out of your life by mailing that ‘package’ onto me. Do not worry for my safety. I ensure you I have no Spike and that this one can will be waiting in my fridge for that one day I wake with my eyes pasted shut and my day starts off zombie like.
    -You’re Welcome in advance

  21. Anthony says:

    What up, guys. I subscribed to the FitCast about 40 episodes ago and I’ve really learned a lot. Actually ended up picking up both a TRX and a set of Valslides for myself over the holidays. I have a question regarding the TRX vs. Valslides. For exercises that you can perform on both apparati (i.e. mountain climbers, hamstring curls), is there an advantage in performing them on the TRX vs. the valslide? Or does it change from exercise to exercise? Or does it even matter?

  22. Chris says:

    Yes, I know it’s Friday and I just around to listening to this episode, so that makes me a bad person. But whatever…

    Kevin should always, always, always host the Fitcast after two Spikes.

  23. Cindy B says:

    Great podcast. I loved the quotes from the speakers that you shared. Any ladies shirts in grey coming?