Episode 175: Valerie Denies Kevin…A Phone Number

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter),  Dr. Jonathan Fass,

and Valerie Waters (Twitter)

  • Does she take any supplements? And what is peaking Valerie’s interest in the fitness world these days? -Deana
  • Valerie, I know you specialize in helping women to achieve a lean look without too much ‘bulk’.  I saw in some of your Red Carpet Ready TV episodes that the women you were tracking were jogging for their cardio.   What type of cardio do you recommend for women who get big thighs easily?  My sister gave up running because she doesn’t like the way her legs change.  It’s great calorie burn for the time invested but are there better alternatives?Thanks!
  • Val, what type of ‘look’ or physique are most of your female celebrity clients after? I notice that very few of the women out there have clearly defined muscle and instead opt for a ‘softer’ look. For instance, Jessica Biel appears to have lost a significant amount of muscle recently.  Is it that they just don’t want to look strong?  Is it too much cardio and not enough food or is it more related to the style of lifting you incorporate (say muscular endurance vs hypertrophy or strength)?
    I hope this isn’t too pointed, I just have never seen this question asked/answered and thought this might be a good chance for you to address it!


  • If you could only do three exercises with a client, what would they be? -Ben
  • how out-of-shape are your celebrities when you first get them as clients and do you sometimes get exhorbitant results asked of you? Also, could you outline some workout principles to get a male celebrity ripped and in shape for a hero’s role, for example like Will Smith in I Am Legend? -Clement

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5 Responses

  1. Erica says:

    Word you were looking for = exiled?

  2. DebbyL says:

    Thanks Valerie and Kevin for a great show!

    Also, I was wondering how to claim the Fitcast T-Shirt that I won? 🙂 Can’t wait to wear it!

    Debby L in DelaWhere

  3. CurtisJay says:

    Had a question about the Valslides. My gym doesn’t have turf, just rubber flooring. Will they slide well on a vinyl gym mat?

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