Episode 176: Steve Cotter and The Shrimp That Almost Killed Leigh

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Kevin Larrabee (Twitter), Steve Cotter

Dr. Jonathan Fass, and Leigh Peele


  • Interview with Steve Cotter coming up
  • John Berardi
  • Todd Durkin
  • Blog Contest
  • Green’s Plus Bar
  • Cool stuff in the works


  • (For Kevin) Hey everyone, I’m sorta new to the fitcast, still havent caught up on all the past episodes so this question may have been answered. I know it was asked before but not really answered maybe a year ago. A listener wrote in asking whether it was better to lift post or pre run, he was 135 lbs and 5’5″ or something close to that. You all told him to quit running and pick up some weights as he was underweight. Thats all fine and good, but even though I have a similar body size, my goals are slightly different so I thought I would ask again. I am female, 5’5″ 135 lbs and a regular runner. I do a long run on Saturdays, cross training twice a week, and do high intensity interval runs or speedwork runs twice a week. The only time I have to lift is on those weekday running days. Is it better to do so before or after my runs? During racing season I want to increase my speed/distance/efficiency, while during the winter my goal is to lose fat and increase muscle. Is there a benefit in lifting pre or post run or am I completely overthinking this? This seems to be one of those topics where the answer changes every other day, so any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Again, love the fitcast, thanks for all the great info!
  • Hi Guys and Leah.  Just wondering if there are any foods you could recommend for keeping energy levels up throughout the day.  I work in a very dimly lit office space with little air movement and zero daylight.  I find myself growing extremely lethargic in the afternoons and it’s making it very difficult for me to get any work done.  Any suggestions as to what kind of foods I should be eating or as a last resort what kind of supplements I should be taking to keep energy levels spiked throughout the day?  Thanks in advance, I could add the obligatory “Keep up the great work, I really enjoy the show” but that goes without saying.  (Thanks always for the entertainment and the countless epic fails) -Robert
  • Hey Guys,First of all thanks for being awesome! You guys have helped me lose 16 pounds already :). My questions is about plant proteins vs meat proteins. I have been slowly changing my diet towards a vegetarian style rather than conventional meat eating style. I was curious though if plant proteins are a valid source compared to meat. I have heard that plant proteins do not contain all the Essential Amino Acids that meat proteins do. I was curious about your thoughts on this and If a vegetarian diet is a feasible diet for muscle building.
    Thanks again!
  • @Urraca Hemp protein: what’s the real deal?
  • One thing that I have to ask deals with diets. Everyone generally know what they SHOULD be eating but no one actually DOES what they’re suposed to…What strategies would you suggest to get clients to be compliant to their meal plans? I murder my personal training clients in the gym only to have them go home and eat the garbage that has them at 30+% body fat.What do you tell your clients to get them to “buy in” to the new lifestyle of eating clean? Thanks. -Kris

Steve Cotter Interview

  • How did you get into kettlebell training originally?
  • What runs through your head when you see kettlebells being used on The Biggest Loser?
  • TGU Progression
  • Please describe the differences and similarities between the different kettlebell certifications. -Ruben
  • The question I have for Steve Cotter is, what is the difference in muscular development using Kettlebell programs compared to lifting weights. -Roger
  • How do you balance your professional life and personal life? I am a successful trainer in Michigan running 6 bootcamps a week and training 55 – 60 additional hours.

    Thanks, love the show!


  • what is really the difference between kettlebells and dumbbells, and would you be able to get the same benefits from using DBs instead of KBs for exercises, and why? Is the difference significant? -Clement
  • If you could only do three exercises with a client, what would they be? -Ben
  • I’m a 26yr old female who has about 5 kilos (11 pounds) to lose, but also want to tone up my arms and mid-section. I am highly active (cardio and weights at the gym 2x week, Dragonboat training 3x week, 30min jog 4 x week) and have also recently purchased some kettlebells – a 4kg (8.8 pound) and 8kg (17.6 pound). I know that tightening up my diet will help me shed the last 10 pounds, as I have already lost 66 pounds over the last few years (and most importantly kept it off).
    My question is – how can I best incorporate Kettlebell training into my routine to help me with toning up my arms and mid-section, and maybe with shifting a bit of the weight? I know that kettlebells also incorporate legs a lot and this is a bonus, but my legs are already quite muscular and I this isn’t really my focus. Can you recommend any good dvds that I can use to train with? I don’t feel that I get as much from reading books and looking at pictures as I do when I am watching someone ‘live’. I also just want to mention that I don’t think kettlebell training has really taken off in Australia like it has in the US, as a) they are not readily available to buy in most sports stores, and b) most of my friends have never even heard of them. Any information you could give me would be appreciated, it’s not often a gal like me would get the opportunity to ask a question of someone as highly regarded as you! -Emma
  • My question is for Steve.  A year and a half ago I had arthroscopic surgery to relieve arthritis in my right AC joint.  I am showing the same symptoms in my left AC joint and 2 months of rehab is not working.  I just received a cortisone shot from my orthopedist and we both agreed that I could work out on my own.  I own (1) 25lb, (2) 35lb, and (1) 53lb kettlebell, but I am not opposed to buying lighter ones for rehab purposes.  How can I use kettlebells to safely strengthen my shoulders and also maintain my physique? (Since starting treatment on my AC joint my weight has started to increase). My current routine includes Pullups, dumbell Rows, resistance band exercises for my shoulders, and interval sprinting.  Bench pressing and dips seem to aggravate both shoulders.  The only KB movement I still use is the 2 arm swing, but I am sure there others that would not aggravate my condition.  My therapist has cautioned me not to do overhead pressing and did not like my description of the Turkish Get-up, as he said it would put too much pressure on top of the joint.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  • If one has a piriformis problem (causes sciatic pain), is doing kettlebells going to help or hurt? I really want to learn and I am trying to get to an RKC training to learn proper form but there are none in my area and I will have to travel some distance to attend one, but wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be wasting my time since I have this issue with my piriformis. Thanks  so much!! And youve probably heard this a million times, but that video of you doing the pistol squats on and off the table with the KB’s is one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen!! -Missy
  • How to stop the back of my wrist getting sore, feels like the KB keeps banging into it 🙁 -Nadine
  • Is using the Lebert Equalizer bars or the TRX good ways to build strength for Pistol Squats? (self-spotting using the EQ bars and holding on to the TRX handles while performing the movement) If not, what do you recommend to build our strength up for it? -Billy


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14 Responses

  1. See Kevin? I actually listened to this episode…mostly because I wanted to listen to the Steve Cotter interview and to hear Leigh’s sexy voice. As usual, I sucked. I need to be awake for the next recording…this 12am crap ain’t workin too good for my swag, son.

  2. Robert says:

    “I think I need to find a new source of happiness” re. Spike.


  3. Mitch Conners says:

    I am bothered by Kevin’s defense of Mike Boyle. The arguments from authority and appeals to popularity felt forced and an attempt to mask a bigger issue.

    If Boyle believes he has the answers to all of the questions he should invest his time in research, rather than rattling off what he believes to be true based on his anecdotal observation. The truth is that with a halfway decent program and diet, most people will make progress. The purpose of real research is to vet what truly works vs. what someone “thinks” works.

    Just look at something like diet, where some of the long-standing myths handed down have been revised and communicated to the community by the likes of Tom Venuto, Alan Aragon and others. Did people make progress on diets that were not optimal? Yes. This is why anecdotal observations are fairly useless when it comes to evaluating was truly works.

    I don’t think you can play both sides. You can’t decry someone like Jillian Michaels as a charlatan, because her programs are popular but not evidence based and, one could argue, unhealthy and then support Boyle’s shoot from them hip, what I say and observe is fact. Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it right. Some intellectual consistency would be nice.

  4. Mark says:

    Geat interview, great off-topic, great episode. Kevin and Leigh, you guys need to check out this band called Neon Trees. I really like all the music you guys talked about and feel like Neon Trees fits in fairly well with that sound. Another good one is The Temper Trap, so good.

  5. Billy S. says:

    ♬ No one on the corner got swagga like Fass, swagga like Fass, swagga swagga like Fass ♬ Great episode, Kevin. Lots of good info. Broke it up into 3 days of listening. Also, gonna save up for the “Mastering the Pistol” DVD. Got my question in there just in time, thanks.

  6. DebbyL says:

    Hey, Jonathan, you didn’t suck! Great to hear you on the show. Thanks for staying up late for us!

  7. DebbyL says:

    PS Was Delaware really that bad, that you left UD early??!! Just kidding, of course it is. lol Sounds like you got a great offer. Wishing you the best,

    Debby in Delaware

  8. Steelechris says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Glad I’m not the only one who’s extremely put out by Biotest’s sudden price increases across the board. I tried to make comments directly on the forums and was “redirected” to the customer service, even though I wanted to just make a public comment about my shock over the prices. They stated this was a natural price fluctuation and that a lot of items had been at sale prices which were now returned to normal. Because of the price increases and the way they seemed to handle my concerns I too am looking for an alternative for protein bars and energy supplements and want to hear if you find something that fills this void in my supplements.

  9. Chris-

    I settled on Jay Robb Bars and Greens Plus protein Bars. You can get the Green’s plus bars: http://amzn.to/cgeI1P for a decent price at amazon as well as the Jay Robb Bars: http://amzn.to/9YIepX

    A few more cents per bar, but the ingredients are superior. Both taste pretty damn good too!

  10. Amanda says:

    I would like to add my two cents. I was not bothered by Kevin’s defense of Mike Boyle as I think Kevin is just an honest passionate person. If he didn’t believe in Mike Boyle, I don’t think he would work for him. Was it smart to bring the issue up with the conflict of interest? No, but at the same time I can see why he would want to talk about. He’s young, he’s all fired up about what he does…I get it. I am honestly bothered more by Mike Boyle’s reaction as I think he has less of an excuse to be so naïve.

    I think the reason why people feel so hurt is that they view the NSCA as “their” organization. Whenever passionate, committed people come together to exchange ideas its inevitable that they will begin to feel a sense of ownership towards the group they belong to. Unfortunately, this does not reflect the reality of the situation.

    The NSCA views itself as a regulating group speaking from a point of authority -which makes sense as they offer certifications and people pay them money for this service. This means that they have a certain position to uphold otherwise they undermine their own platform to speak as authorities. You can only say, “its okay if you don’t agree with idea x” so much before people think “well what about y and z?” Before you know it, every stance is considered debatable and in that event – what is the logic in holding a certification from an organization that doesn’t have a point of view?

    I am not saying people have to take the NSCA’s stance on various topics over people with really interesting ideas like Mike Boyle, I just think it’s a little naïve to expect the NSCA to CONSISTENTLY allow speakers at their own conferences that don’t not share their beliefs. I think there is a place for sure as guest speaker here and there as new ideas should be heard, but repeated invitations imply endorsement, which the NSCA is clearly unwilling to do.

  11. Tony says:

    Kevin, I love you even more now! Your taste in music is fantastic :). Giving up the gun has been playing over and over on my mp3 player.

    Here are a few bands you might like:

    Beach House
    Passion Pit
    The National
    Tokyo Police Club
    The XX

  12. angel says:

    When is the blog contest? what are the details? Is it still open?

    Appreciate you.

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