Episode 178: 1% Better with Todd Durkin

Todd Durkin of Fitness Quest 10 comes on to talk about fat loss circuits, motivating yourself and becoming better everyday. We also open up the mailbag to answer questions about the TRX, lifting fast, fasting and more!

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  • I really like the podcast but I have a request. I am a runner-biker first and weight lifter second. I enjoy all the weight talk but would love to have an actual runner-biker-triathlete on the show… someone who trains for running but lifts weights to stay fit. Not someone who lifts first and runs a little to stay in shape. The general impression I get from the show is that you all hate running and don’t suggest anybody do it so it would be great to hear a more balanced approach. Just a thought – maybe I am way off. Thanks for all the good work.  -Lori
  • Hey Fitcast Crew!I’m sure this has been asked before, and if so, maybe you could refer me to the episode number that dealt with it so as not to duplicate a question, but it’s about the TRX.  I’m a student, and in the next year will be moving from my apartment, to my mother’s basement in another city, and then back to either an apartment or shared townhouse with some roommates next year.Does the TRX system require much setup or space? I know I could probably just go to the their website to see it, but I would like to know from first-hand experience how easy/difficult it is to set up, or travel with, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have long-term accommodations for the next few years.Thanks a bunch!!Lynda
  • What up Kev et al,
    Just wondering what your guys’ thoughts are on lifting with slow and controlled reps vs. explosive / fast lifts.  Is it as simple as one being better for fat loss and the other better for muscle hypertrophy?  To make the question more specific, I just got done with losing weight (about 80lbs) and now I’m looking to stay as lean as I can in more of a maintenance type routine.  I’ve been reading articles and blogs that extol the physiological virtues of both lifting styles.  Any suggestions / thoughts on them would be a huge help.


  • Hello,
    I wanted to get the good Doctor’s opinion on a weird hip popping that I’ve recently noticed. It started when I went for a weekend run and ran 8 miles – a new personal record. My previous max was 6 so it was a bit of a push. Didn’t feel much while I was running but the next day my left hip was killing me. I limped around for 2 days and slowly started doing non-impact work (strength training, elliptical, bike etc). It got better, but since then I’ve noticed it popping occasionally but particularly when I do one legged deadlifts. If I put a few fingers on the hip joint and bend forward, I can feel the joint click or pop when I straighten back up. What did I do and how can I make it better? It doesn’t hurt but it doesn’t seem right.
    Thanks for your opinion! -Katherine
  • I wondered what your opinions/experiences or those of your guests/co-hosts were on the effectiveness of intermittent fasting and fasted workouts for lean muscle gains? I’ve been reading this blog: http://leangains.com/ which charts his own success with an 8 hour feeding/16 hour fast approach.
    Any comments? -Tim
  • Hey guys,Sorry about my last email, i didn’t realize that i hadn’t really asked anything until you read it out. My apologies.John was right, I don’t tend to have pain with my patella tendon when jogging or cycling however if i hit a steep hill when cycling or jog on more than one occasion a week I tend to tweak it and it’ll hurt the next couple of days from basic movements (i.e. walking upstairs/standing sitting etc)Essentially I’d like to know what exercises, cardio workouts I can do to maintain/possibly improve my strength and loose the fat (which is my primary goal at the moment) without aggravating any of those injuries?Also what I can do to strengthen those areas to hopefully reduce the chance of tweaking in the future?And finally, do you think the P90X routine is a good way to go to reduce fat and build muscle, especially considering my condition?

    Take care,


  • Whatup Dr Fass?!
    I’ve got a question that I’m still getting my head around as a reasonably green outdoor personal trainer with a bodybuilding background who was not at all prepared for the amount of clients I would sign with injuries and zero athletic history.

    “As an outdoor trainer you’re applying the principals of bodybuilding and aerobics i.e. the foundation of modern popular exercise, to an environment with an unstable base and expecting people with a catalogue of pre-existing ailments who have commonly never exercised in their lives to manipulate an unstable load (as in their own body weight, sandbags, ropes, kettlebells etc). How do you do this effectively without causing injury?”
    Thanks Doc,
    Sydney, Australia

  • Hey guys! Love the podcasts and I tell everyone about them. I even taught my personal trainer a few tips that I learned from you.Here’s my question: My thyroid is normal, I’m not anemic or depressed but I’m tired all the frickin’ time. I wake up at 6am (in bed usually around 10-10:30pm), work out at the gym around 10am for an hour, and by noon all I want to do is nap for 2-3 hours. Which, being a nanny as a job, allows me to do that. Because I’m so tired, I’m also irritable and can cry easily. However, being a full-time nanny has caused me much stress in the past 9 months.Also, this summer my husband and I are leaving to spend a year backpacking across Europe and Asia and I don’t want to be dog tired the whole time.Me Facts: I eat pretty healthfully-mostly lean meats/eggs/ fruits/ veggies/nuts. I’m lactose and gluten intolerant but I’ll eat rice and GF cereal now and again. However, I do know that as healthy as I eat, I don’t eat enough, roughly 1200-1400 cal. a day, and I’ve been doing that for years. Could that be a cause? Could I be overtraining my system? My workouts consist of 20min high intensity on the elliptical, a day of heavy lower body lifting, a day of heavy upper body, yoga once a week and now I’ve started walking an hour a day at 4.0mph. I work out btw 5-6 days a week.
    I’m 27, 5’6, roughly 155lbs and 24% body fat.

    Any help you can shed on my issue would be great. thanks guys!
    PS-Kevin, you’re not a bitch 🙂

  • What up Kev, John and Leigh,
    First of all I’ve been following you guys for a few months and bothering both Kevin and Leigh almost daily with questions, interesting articles or just plain silly stuff on facebook. I’m getting back into personal training after years of doing research for my PhD. My question to you all is this: How important do you think it is for a Personal Trainer to “look” the part? Do you think it depends on the clientèle? I feel that some people may want their trainers to be the rock-hard, 6-pack ab variety, while others may want someone less intimidating. I’ve seen trainers in all shapes and sizes and quite frankly its difficult for me to listen to one who is carrying extra tires around with them, and NOT for exercise! Of course we should do the kind of training that gives us the bodies we want, but do you think we should take that into consideration when choosing clients or a specific location to work? Also, how much of your personal routine do you think is wise to share with your clients or the public, especially when they ask “when will I look like you”? One last for one for Leigh, any advice on getting the guys to respect you being a small blonde female?
    Keep having fun. You’ve inspired and guided me so much.
    Live and love life
    Krista 😉

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7 Responses

  1. Dave Huber says:

    Great interview with Todd.

    Loved the guidance on what to do if you travel a lot.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Wow, Todd Durkin DOES make me want to get to the gym, and I already worked out.

    Lovely show, as usual.

    I do not known any crossfit experts, but a really cool guest would be Brendan Brazier–both for nutrition and fitness. His book Thrive is really interesting.

  3. Jon C says:

    By far one of my favorite shows so far. Keep it up

  4. Leor says:

    Great Show Guys…

    What happened to the off topic or did I just miss it?

    Keep up the great work guys!

  5. Annette says:

    Great interview with Todd, love his outlook and having fun with what we do!

    Here some ideas for future guests:

    – Dr. Bryan Walsh (actually JB brougth up his name too)
    – Yuri Elkaim

    Kevin, you do an awesome job with the show, and Dr. Faes and Leigh rock as well! 🙂

  6. Lynda says:

    Todd Durkin’s interview was great! I love his enthusiasm.

    I echo Mimi’s suggestion for Brendan Brazier, his Thrive book is really interesting for athletes who want to pursue a vegan lifestyle but are perhaps scared by all the dogma on nutrition out there, Great suggestion!!

  7. JT says:

    I had similar symptoms to those that Liz described- fatigue etc. It turned out I had undiagnosed allergies. She might want to check with an allergist and get tested.