Episode 183: The Back to the Future Reference

The cast talks about lifting’s effect on bio mechanics, an EPIC discussion about tightening your nutrition, shoulder injuries, and much more!

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  • Hey Fitcast

    Just thought I’d share a good book to help people understand studies and publications in an easy to understand book. The book is called Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. I’m listening to the audiobook version and it’s quite informative and teaches people how to critically examine trials and studies.


  • Hey Lee, Kevin, and all the fine people at the Fitcast,

    I have a question for the show. I started a 3×5 lifting program last fall, and have experienced good results, and I have put on about 13 new lbs. of muscle (in the upper body, chest, lats, but also glutes, hamstrings and even my calves). I’m very happy about that. As you well know, all that squatting puts a lot of stress on the legs, so I have eased off my running quite a bit (used to run about 15-20 miles a week before 3×5). I do run nowadays, between 3-5 miles a week. My question, however, is this: Is it possible the new muscle mass (especially in the glutes and hamstrings) could change my running biomoechanics? I do find I am sore in new spots after running (I have been virtually injury free my whole running life), and I am not sure what I should do about it. The soreness is mostly on the outside of my knees, or sometimes slightly behind the kneee, where the joint would be. I am very focused on preventing injury, so backing off running is no problem. I doubt I have to cut it out altogether, though. As I also increase the intensity of my 3×5, will this mean this kind of cardio is off limits? What would you recommend?  -Cesar

  • Hey guys!

    I have has 3 shoulder dislocations and a stabilisation operation after playing rugby in Ireland. I did this by falling directly onto my elbow rather than in a major contact situation. The operation was 1 1/2 years ago and I have not yet returned to rugby. Would you have any specific exercises or protocols that you would recommend to give the best possible chance of returning to the sport and remaining injury free?? I have the usual internal/external rotation stuff but to me it doesnt seem as if it is enough or that I am doing it enough times per week. Any suggestions are very much appreciated ! I have read that shoulder stability is as much to do with scapular stability as the shoulder joint itself and that by putting weight directly through the shoulder is useful. I currently do the regular gym stuff as the operation was so long ago and have recently started learning Olympic lifting techniques so I dont think shoulder mobility is as much an issue as shoulder stability.

    Thanks again

  • Hi FitCast crew.

    My question is regarding the weight gain that I’ve experienced lately. I’m 19 years old, 5’9″, and my weight right now is at 150 lbs. I’ve been following Alwyn’s New Rules of Lifting Program for almost 6 weeks, and have made my diet a 3 day low-1 day high calorie intake which I’ve done already for 2-3 weeks to lose some weight.  My diet consists of sweet potatoes, oatmeal, fruits like apples and oranges, lean meats like chicken breast or fish, skim or soy milk, and nuts or peanut butter; sometimes, I would eat more nuts or peanut butter on my high calorie days without counting portions just because they are more calorie dense and satisfying than eating more veggies.

    What I soon found out was that as the weights that I lifted in my workout increased, so as my body weight did. It only got worse and made me frustrated when I found out that I still don’t see 4 or 6-pack abs popping out (seems to me like flabs than abs, especially when I sit) and that my body fat hasn’t changed or has increased a bit, despite the fact that I do interval training on a treadmill every Saturday.

    Am I doing it wrong guys? I mean, why do I still gain weight even though my diet is always in check and my calories slightly reduced at just 1800-2000 calories? Hope you can help me with this. Thanks


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