Episode 187: The Recovery

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  • Hi guys,
    I was listening to your fitcast episode 177 and you had a message from John, the cameraman in South Wales who had the problems with tendonitis in his elbows. I am a sports therapist in South Wales, who has done a lot of work with chronic elbow pain both sports and non sports people. I think I may be able to help him, so is there any way that you can pass my details onto him incase he would like to contact? –Anne Marie
  • Hi Kev,
    What up?  My friend’s band, Miss TK and the Revenge, have a song called “Future Power” that I think you will enjoy. The lyrics are BTTF influenced with mentions of “gigawatts” and “Deloreans”. Check it out on Itunes or send me your email and I will email you the MP3.  Thanks for doing a great podcast,  Jason
  • Kevin, I just listened to this podcast, and I think you got the whole CEU thing wrong when it comes to Boyle. NSCA isn’t giving CEUs for HIS part of the seminars, but they’re not cancelling ALL of the CEUs. For example, Mike Robertson is only getting .5 CEUs instead of the .6 he applied for because Boyle is one of the speakers at his upcoming conference. I think you should mention that the next time you do a podcast, because I’m sure a lot of people are confused. -Mark
  • Hey guys,
    I’ll make this short, I am a personal trainer in North Dakota. I’m an avid reader and learner and have really been thinking about making the trip to Long Beach for the perform better summit in August. Is this something that a first year trainer should do or is it for more seasoned trainers? I would love to go and experience it but I am having trouble finding people to join me as well. Most of the people I train with or am friends with don’t read and learn as much as I do so i’m not sure they see the benefit in making the trip to California. Would it make sense for me to just make the trip alone? I am thinking of talking to my fitness director to see if she would be interested in joining me but I’m guessing it will be a no.  basically can you tell me what kind of demographic attends the summit? what should a person like me who is an unknown fitness professional expect from attending the summit?  Hopefully this gets to you guys and thanks again for all the Podcasts…can’t say enough how awesome they are in place of mindless tv… Aunna  Grand Forks ND
  • Hey lady and germs! I appreciate all your humor and informative discussions for helping the public become smarter, better, stronger and healthier people. Everything I learn from you guys, I pass on to my clients and they love it! so thanks to you, they think I’m the best trainer ever!
    I am a personal trainer in the Denver area and have a question about one of my clients. She’s 56, 30 lbs overweight and I’m training her 3 days/week on variable circuit training sessions to maintain muscle and tone. We don’t do anything heavy, usually stick around 14-18 reps for all exercises, but hit muscle fatigue after each set. Then on the off days she’s doing her cardio. The last month now, she’s complained of muscle spasms. First it was in her adductors, left leg. Then she felt the spams in her right forearm. The spasms would always occur the next day after I worked her out. Have you ever heard of this? Could the workouts be causing the spasms? How, why? It could be minor, but she doesn’t like them. I tell her its normal and not be to alarmed. But I don’t want to lose her either if they keep happening. Any ideas? By the way, thanks to your advice, last week I bought Mike Boyle’s Functional Strength Coach 3.0. I haven’t watched them yet but am stoked to learn from the one of the top experts in the area for Sports Performance Training!! Thanks and keep passing on what you know! David from Denver
  • Hi guys, sending the love from Australia!
    I have a question for round table or wherever you see appropriate. I have a client who has been training with me for about a month. He’s very overweight, and struggles with a lot of anxiety before our sessions. He says he goes to the loo… Sorry…. Restroom!…. about 3 or 4 times while gettig ready for our appt because he’s so nervous! He says he loves our sessions and will continue with them, but I’m after maybe some strategies I could try with him to put him at ease? Any suggestions you guys have would be great. Our gym is a Personal Training studio and we always have the training area to ourselves, so it’s not like he’s worried about other clients looking at him. I think he’s just worried that he can’t keep up with what I’m going to give him to do. Thanks for all you guys do with the podcast, I look forward to it every week :) Nadine
  • I’m looking for nutrition and fitness advice for my 8 year old daughter who is about 15 pounds overweight. I was an overweight child myself, but discovered exercise and healthy eating in my 20’s. I’m currently 45 years old and probably about 5-7 pounds overweight. I work on it daily, however. I remember struggling as a heavy child with self esteem and food control. I don’t want my daughter to have to endure the same things. Any advice on a daily food guide and an exercise plan for a girl who really doesn’t like to sweat? –Dana B.

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2 Responses

  1. Pete says:

    Although it says episode 187, seems you accidently put up 186(when you right click & download, I’m not sure about itunes or zune)

  2. Niel says:

    Loved the discussion on the last question. My professor once told our class how her daughter was overweight. The pediatrician said she has to lose some weight and so she put her daughter in martial arts. She slimmed down to a healthy weight in addition to getting a black belt.