Episode 19: Nutrition Explosion

Download Episode 19 here: TheFitCast019.mp3

Mike Roussell was our guest this week. You can check out his websites, www.MuscleandCuts.com and his nutrition blog: www.StreetSmartNutrition.com

  • Intro
  • FitCast NEWS
    • TheFitCastMag.com is no more, kind of…
    • Fitness Blog explosion!! Check them out, I made a post here: http://thefitcast.com/?p=63
    • Obesity Pill?
  • Shakes
    • Mike’s Tropical Shake –
      ½ Cup Fat Free Cottage Cheese (Cabot Brand)
      1 Scoop Banana Metabolic Drive
      1 Medium Sized Orange
      ½-1/4 Orange Peel (Fiber and Limonene
      ¼ Cup Pistachios
      Water & Ice to Desired Consistency
    • Kevin: Double Chocolate PB shake from Gourmet Nutrition
  • NEWS
  • Round Table
    • Kevin: Where did you get the idea for the xenoestrogen article?
    • bulldog: what an average day of eating is for them and what type of training they are currently doing.?
    • keith e scott: With all of the supplements out there and more on the way (especially from Biotest) Which supplements out there do you feel definitely work and which one’s do you feel don’t work at all?

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