Episode 192: The Wonder Years

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  • I’ve been catching up with old podcast from the beginning of the show. In the beginning there was a lot of talk about bodyweight training. I’m just coming off a break from working out because I was sidelined with mono. I want to focus on bodyweight training because I want to improve my strength with my bodyweight before grabbing weights in the gym. Any recommendations on the best programs?
    Thanks and love the show! It helps me get through the grind of work. Blake Vajgrt
  • I consider myself very fit. I am 5’2″ and 112 lbs. I can hold a plank for two minutes and easily do three sets of 30 leg lifts holding a 5 lb ball with my feet. I have had two children, and am 45 yrs old. If I don’t suck my gut in, it is not flat, or even close. It isn’t fat, it just hangs out if I am not consciously holding it in. What else can I do to get it flat all the time? –Laurel
  • Hey guys,
    I noticed that all of you (leigh, kevin, and john) all have online clients. What are some tips that you all use when working with online clients to ensure they are complying with your program. The reason I ask is because I have recently begun working with clients in-person, but would like to expand to working with online clientele as well. Any information would be great, and keep up the great show. PS Bring back the super-shakes! –Chris
  • Hey guys, first off I’m a huge fan of the podcast. I love how you guys take all of the topics that us fitness enthusiasts love and then apply your offbeat personality to make learning fun and more a part of my daily routine.
    I’m a competitive Natural Bodybuilder and I Love it when you guys start talking in depth about nutrition science and when Leigh goes all (sexy) nerd on us! I’d love it if you guys could have some more discussions that pertain to contest preparation. I know a lot of other natural bodybuilders that listen to the podcast regularly and would appreciate your knowledge applied to their sport a bit. Maybe you could get some of the more intelligent people in the field on the show for some round table discussions. Dr. Joe Klemczweski, Layne Norton, Lyle Mcdonald, and Alan Aragon are just some of the names that would be awesome to hear from. Keep it up and continue to be the shit! -Zakary
  • Hi Kevin Leigh and John have been listening to you all for a while now, over here in New Zealand. Constantly inspired by the podcast and saturated with great info on training and everything related.
    My question is all about nutrition. I am a 39 yr old Male 183cm 90kg 192.6 pounds for you fellas, train up to 6 times a week usually 3 days on weights and 3 days on a concept2 rower which is my true passion, up to 30 k a week. I am one of those unfortunate people attempting to put on lean msucle and not too much weight(fat) at the same time. Anyway get on with the question what would you consider a good pre workout meal/snack should they be the same for the weights days as the row day. I tend to use protein drinks following weight workout days and not following my cardio row days. Should I eat the same for all the days and on a rest day should I still be trying to eat the same or less given no workout going on. On weight days Im doing heavy at the mo 1hr session including abs, all done at home as have four daughters a wife and a job and to use your statement this is the way I get the most bang for my buck!!! Row days usually 30-40mins interval training. Once again loving the podcast keep it up a TRX is the next on my list of equipment. Cheers Nick
  • Hello Fitcast, I have a question about training and eating to get stronger. I’m a 39 year old female who has been training seriously for 4 years, but even before that I had always worked out, just not as smartly as I should have been. As with a majority of women, I have always concentrated more on the aesthetics part of working out and dieting. Any strength gains I achieved were just icing on the cake.
    But as I am getting older, my ideas of what looks good and why I’m in the gym and working my butt off have changed. I’m excited about getting stronger and looking healthy and fit then what I think the scale should say. I have started using the 531 program. I want to know if I eat at maintenance on lifting days and just below on rest or cardio days if this will help with any recompostion I would like to achieve? Will it hinder any strength gains I would be able to get if I don’t eat in a surplus? Also, how much cardio on the 531 program would be too much. I don’t love cardio, but I do try to get in 2 or 3 sessions of intervals per week. 30 min. sessions. Makes running for the bus a bit easier. I am 5’6, weigh 155, probably around 25% bf. I could lose 15lbs but I am getting tired of dieting. I would like to get stronger, not overly concerned with losing the weight, but I also don’t want to put on any weight either. thank you for any advice. I enjoy listening to the podcast as I walk my dog. Michelle from Calgary.
  • I workout 5 days a week and 3 out of the 5 days I do 30min. of cardio after my 1 hour workout. Should I drink a protein shake after my workout on the days I do cardio, if I’m trying to put on mass, or is it o.k. to wait until I finish my cardio? I’ve been taking a protein shake with me to drink after my workout, before starting my cardio, because I felt that if I wait until I’m finished my cardio, it might be to late to take advantage of the window I’ve read we have to help recover your muscles. I have to admit, drinking a shake before cardio, gives me energy to do my cardio. Awesome Podcast!!!!!! –Mike
  • (For Both) Hey guys, really love your podcast! Great information and I like the variety in the show. I’m preparing for the ACSM CPT certification, and am wondering how you (or the industry) sees that certification? I’m basically pursuing a third career and want something to give me some credibility as I try and break into the fitness world.
    I’ve been working out hard for the past 16 years and have a lot of accumulated knowledge, but I want the cred behind it so that I can better serve folks. Right now I run a blog and have started a Fitness Podcast of my own, mainly targeted toward people looking to improve their strength and sports performance. Any advice you could give an up and comer? Thanks and I appreciate your time! Steve Beck

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4 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    For what it’s worth, I regularly find that geniuses and prolific people don’t sleep very much. Einstein and other scientists biographies say that. So, maybe there is something to loving what you do and sleeping less, or sleeping less because you’re really amp’d up and those energies are directed toward whatever your interest is.

    ALSO, I think you’re looking at your current state of training and physique in the right way. I’ve learned after 9 years that maintenance IS a good thing. Sometimes in life all you can do is maintain your state, be it your strength levels or physique state. Despite any impulse otherwise, maintaining is a win as much as successful weight loss or strength gains are. So, keep it up!

  2. Ryan says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Which of Nick Tumminello’s DVDs are you referring to exactly? You said “joint safe training” but I don’t see that title on his website.


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