Episode 195: Youngest Guest Ever

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It is all about the overflowing mailbag this week as we discuss when warming up becomes to intense, an indepth look at pre and post work out nutrition, and much more!

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  • I have done a search on here, mens health, and the T-nation for articles on delayed onset soreness, and can’t find much of anything, only in forums on T-nation. Is there research on it? What causes it? I can’t seem to predict from the intensity of the workout whether it will occur, or how bad it will be. I have heard it comes from little-used muscles being worked for the first time, but I haven’t found that to be true. My only theory is that exercises that stretch and contract a muscle seem to cause it the most. For example, chin ups, since your weight stretches the muscles when you are hanging. More volume or intensity alone don’t always cause it.
    Thanks for answering my last question. You guys are always entertaining and informative. –Laurel
  • Howdy guys, whats up? I am looking to start making my own pre-workout drink to hopefully save a bit on costs versus the pre-packaged options currently available. I am trying to figure out what kinds of supplements/ingredients I should think about including. I am currently 28yo 6’2″ 206lbs male. I perform resistence training about 3-4 times per week (either weights or body weights). I am somewhat overweight, I think about 18-20% body fat. Any advice would be helpful or any good quality pre workout items available that are less expensive. Thanks! –Glenn
  • Hey fellas and lady! I wanted to ask you all what do you recommend for pre and post workout nutrition? At 41 I have maintained decent health from my football playing days but would like lean out a lot more. I’m currently 6’2 250 and would like to get down to around 230-225 but feel like I need to tighten up the eating especially before and after my workouts. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated and love what you all are doing with the fitcast! -Rob
  • Hey Kevin,In regards to training clients, I would like the groups opinion on dynamic mobility and it’s role in a proper warm up. Is it possible to do too much mobility work and lose focus on the goals of the client or is there a fine line that you can flirt with utilizing mobility as part of the resistance training protocol. I’m currently reading Mike Boyle’s Advances In Functional Training and he does cover the prospect of mobility becoming training but I just wanted to hear everyone’s two cents, especially yours (Kevin) due to your experience at CP.



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